Best vacation ever

I am chirag katoch a Delhite, I recently went Goa had a happening stay at SINQ THE PARTY HOTEL, I liked the interiors of the room ,a perfect party hotel . Went night clubs , many a restaurants
Best food I had was chicken wings at CURLIES ON ANJUNA BEACH . Met and interacted with many foreigners , the name I can never forget was Anna , as she was dealing a poker table and taught me how to play it and making me win 3000 . Then at the time of returning home somewhere near to the airport there was a restaurant named CLAUDI the timings they open by is 11 but as I requested them they opened their restaurant by 10 itself as I was feeling hungry and the flight was on my head haha . Delicious fish curry thanks to CLAUDI
This was a short description of my trip
Photo of Goa, India by Chirag Katoch
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