Photo of BEST WAY TO TRAVEL: LIKE A LOCAL 1/1 by Karen Cole

As the popular adage says, “we travel to get lost, and then we find ourselves.”

In the advent of cheaper flight airline tickets, efficient transportation and accessible accommodation, travelling has easily became a way of life. People would spend a lot to book costly tours just for the sake of travelling.

But is it worth it?

You spend hours in booking a tour operator, not to mention the expensive packages you have to pay to enjoy your vacation. These are not necessary. You can have a good time without the need to book these generic tours. How? Travel like a local.

Travelling like a local has a lot of benefits. This includes having a genuine experience and exposure to the local culture. You get to enjoy it the way locals do. You eat the way they eat their local delicacies – no frills, no fuss. Just straight from the plastic bag or a banana leaf.

Next, travelling like a local inhibits you from visiting the same boring and generic tourist spots that are flocked with, of course, rowdy tourists. Where is the fun in that? You take the same photos with the landmark at the background. Nobody wants to see those! You travel like a local and you get to explore every nook and cranny a place has to offer – the good, the breath taking, the ugly and the marvelous. It’s all sugar and spice that will make your experience extremely nice!

Finally, you get the chance to find yourself while getting lost between the mass transportation and the local language. You develop, as you only rely on your skills and instincts, and that is what matters. You expand your network and meet a lot of new and interesting people in the process. Remember that travelling is not just seeing the beautiful places; it is the experience that counts.

A perfect example of a city to visit and experience like a local is New York. Sure you get to see the Statue of Liberty up close, but does that statue make New York, New York?

New York is about the diversity of peoplethat came from all over the world. New York is about the vibe that gives you the feeling that everything is possible. New York is the experience, and not defined by a single statue.Tour New York like a local. Get a map of the infamous New York subway system and navigate through the extensive railways. Skip the overpriced fine dining restaurants and check out authentic Chinese food at their local Chinatown. Walk or bike across the Brooklyn Bridge, by night and day to marvel across the famous New York skyline.Catch a bus to travel all the way to New York-Canada border and be amazed by the magnificence of the Niagara Falls, New York side. Enjoy cheap finds at Century 21. You can do this all, from the point of view of a local, through the help of this amazing website: You can check out other amazing trips worldwide in their website too!

At the end of the day, with your feet aching and eyes bright with wonder, you will get through the challenges and laugh about the entire experience. Trust me, it is worth it.

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