Innsbruck, Austria


It's been quite a while I have visited Austria. My first destination in Austria was Innsbruck and I found that it was fundamentally the same as other European countries. However, it is more peaceful and furthermore less mankind. Be that as it may, as an Indian, this place spoke to me a considerable measure. The reason behind this is India is overcrowded, where people are busy in their own busy and fast life. A place like Mumbai, where individuals spend their half of the daytime traveling by local train just to reach their work location because road traveling tends to be impossible due to heavy traffic. While in Innsbruck is a standout amongst the most tranquil and quiet place. .
My intention is not to compare two different countries and people's lifestyle, the only reason I wrote this is just to describe my feelings. When I found this much peaceful place where less humanity, no traffic, pollution-less and long distance houses gave me immense feeling. So, if you are tired from your busy and dedicated life Innsbruck is best choice to spend your get-away. #innsbruck
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Photo of Innsbruck, Austria by Shital Khatri
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