Bhangarh Fort Story: The Most Haunted place in India- Alwar Rajasthan

30th Aug 2019

Bhangarh Fort arranged on the outskirt of Sariska Asylum in the Aravalli runs in Alwar locale of Rajasthan. The closest town is Gola ka Bas. This fortification is arranged on the lower incline of the slopes, the vestiges of the king\'s royal residence at the base of the slopes in the slanting territory; The lake zone is encompassed by trees and a characteristic stream inside the royal residence complex falls into the lake.

According to one legend, a monk named Baba Balak Nath lived in the area of ​​the fort, and it was his injunction that no house built in the former areas of the fort should be taller than his house, and if any such house was built His house, a shadow fallen, will devastate the city of the fort. According to another folklore, a magician named after him in black magic was in love with a beautiful Bhangarh princess named Ratnavati. Was. One day, the wizard chases him to the market and offers him a love potion, though he rejects it, throwing it on a large boulder that resulted in the wizard rolling over and crushing him to death.

Entering through the primary entryway of the totally destroyed stronghold city, one can discover sanctuaries, royal residences, and havelis . Aside from this, the stronghold has four more passage focuses - Lahori Door, Ajmeri Entryway, Phulbari Entryway, and Delhi Door. The passageway of the fundamental entryway has a few Hindu sanctuaries, for example, Hanuman Sanctuary, Gopinath Sanctuary, Someshwar Sanctuary, Keshav Rai Sanctuary, Mangla Devi Sanctuary, Ganesh Sanctuary, and Naveen Sanctuary. The Gopinath sanctuary is worked on a 14-foot-high plinth, and yellow stones are utilized for the wonderful cutting of the sanctuary. The priest\'s living arrangement named Purohitji\'s Haveli is situated toward the east of the sanctuary complex. Next is Gopinath Sanctuary pursued by Nachan Ki Haveli and Johri Bazaar. The Illustrious Castle is situated toward the part of the arrangement limits.

Further, according to local people Strange sounds, music, a voice of women crying and the clinking sound of the bangles heard here many times. You can also see a signboard of Archaeological Survey of India outside the fort that warns people to not stay in the fort after dark. There is also a historical story that a tantric wanted to marry the queen of Rani Ratnawati, but after learning the tantric Vidhya or technique she killed the magician. Moreover, Bhangarh Fort still remains a mysterious site and among one of the most Haunted Places in Rajasthan.

ASI restricts guests and local people from sticking around the region of the fortress once the nightfalls. The admonitions about lawful activities are not only out of bits of gossip. Individuals guarantee to have heard Bhangarh phantoms shout, voices of ladies crying, hints of bangles in the rooms, and creepy scents after sunset. Spooky shadows, peculiar lights, and surprising hints of music and move have likewise been accounted for. The courageous hearts who set out to remain back after sunset have neglected to seem alive the following morning.

Best time to visit: September – February; since like other cities of Rajasthan, Bhangarh area is also very hot during the summers

Opening hours: 6 am – 6 pm; it is forbidden to roam around the area during other hours as per ASI’s orders

Bhangarh Fort Entry Fees

Ah yes, even some of the most haunted places in India charge you.

Foreigners: Free

Indians: Free

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