Bhongir Fort: Nestled deep and Unnoticed

6th Sep 2014

At the top of the fort

Photo of Bhongir Fort: Nestled deep and Unnoticed by Prakhyathi Masireddy

View of the fort from the town

Photo of Bhongir Fort: Nestled deep and Unnoticed by Prakhyathi Masireddy

The Bhongir Fort situated in Bhongir also called as Bhuvanagiri in the Nalgonda district of Telangana state is one of the least explored forts by travellers. I wouldn’t get into the insights of the history of the fort but for a brief background, this fort dates back to the tenth century period of the Chalukyan ruler Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI which was named after him. Constructed in an area of 50 acres with an unusual shape of an egg, it was bounded by two massive rocks at both the points of entrance of the fort for tight security.

 The trip to the fort turned out spontaneously after the completion of our Field Work due to which we landed in the tiny town early one morning in September. With time left for us to depart, I and a couple of my friends set straight to climb the Bhongir Fort. Although I was informed about the presence of a Fort in Bhongir through Google, I wasn’t taken aback until I landed in the railway station that morning. The fort was massive and my jaw dropped at the sight of it. As we boarded an auto we were catching glimpses of it and shot many pictures. One of the marvelous sights of the town was the visibility of the fort from every angle when you walk past the lanes.

The fort set in the heart of the town wasn’t bustling with many visitors unlike other forts. At the foot of the fort, there's a Hanuman temple situated where ardent devotees flocked in for Prasad. The initial climb to the top of the fort could be a little difficult but wasn’t a herculean task though. As the steps embarked on a little way ahead after the sloppy rock climb, the journey further was captivating enough and we paused every now and then to muse at the sight of the tiny town.

We also came across friendly goats grazing their way along uninterruptedly. Halfway through the fort, there was a lawn spread across where we sat down, grabbed a couple of energy drinks and breathed the fresh air. Further, the remaining journey which did involve creepy and bumpy steps along did not hinder our energy in finishing the climb in an hour. And there we were all awe-struck and swept-off our feet at the view from above, watching the teensy town, trains passing-by and fields nearby.

Nalgonda District is an hour away from the Capital City Hyderabad through Train and Bus. The little town is homely and has plenty of fast food centres if one is not particular of a scrumptious meal and can finish off with a simple South Indian meal or snack from Udipi hotels.

One of the best part of trip is that the fort is not crowded and the town is not polluted. For a perfect day-out and adventure one can set forth straight to Nalgonda district which isn't far away at all. Moreover, if you have had a stressful week piled with deadlines, you can take a break and set out for a short one day trip to the Fort along with your best buddies if you are in Hyderabad. Also, there's no entry fee to enter the fort. For climbing the fort, I would suggest one to opt for sports shoes as it may turn out be quiet tedious without them as there aren't any steps at the initial point of the fort. Carry snacks and energy drinks and a good camera and binoculars if you want a bird’s-view around nearby fields. Go for it!

Pollution-free, not crowded, free entry and very close to Hyderabad city with easy transport and no pre-booking of trains required.
Simple and delicious South Indian food
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