Bhutan | A Photo Journal

22nd May 2019
Photo of Bhutan | A Photo Journal by Akshaya Bhat

Bhutan - The land of thunder dragon

I love how the landscape gives the impression of vast space and intimacy at the same time: the thin brown line of a path wandering up an immense green mountainside, a plush hanging valley tucked between two steep hillsides, a village of three houses surrounded by dark forest, paddy fields flowing around an outcrop of rock, a white temple gleaming on a shadowy ridge. The human habitations nestle into the landscape; nothing is cut or cleared beyond what is requires. Nothing is bigger than necessary. Every sign of human settlement repeat the mantra of contentment: “This is just enough.

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Photo of Bhutan | A Photo Journal 1/3 by Akshaya Bhat
Photo of Bhutan | A Photo Journal 2/3 by Akshaya Bhat
Photo of Bhutan | A Photo Journal 3/3 by Akshaya Bhat
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Amazing read! you just inspired me to write travel blogs more often;)
Thu 06 13 19, 08:47 · Reply (1) · Report
I'm glad you have that to say :) Do read up my other travel experiences and let me know what you have to say about it.
Fri 06 14 19, 15:36 · Report