Bike Trip To Dharamshala

22nd Jul 2016
Photo of Bike Trip To Dharamshala by Saurav Parashar

Trip Start date – 22 July 2016

We were at our compulsory summer internship program at a university at Jalandhar. Building a Formula race car from scratch was our project. At first it was really fun but at the time passed, it became really tedious and that’s when we knew that we needed a break from all the lectures and engineering.

So, we started making plans to go to Dharamashala for the weekend. But there was a hurdle. Siddharth decided to call his mum and ask for permission, Inventible it was and mother said ’Padhai karne gaya he padhai karke aja’. He chickened out (I happen to have these kind of people in my life). So, we went ahead and made bookings for our bikes from some nearby bike rental vendor and started boasting about our much awaited ride to Dharamshala to make Siddharth feel miserable.

The trick worked, Siddharth agreed to come, with having influenced by ‘peer pressure’ and greeted me with a punch in my tummy! Why would you do that, Siddharth? Why?

It was my first ride in the hills. Enjoy the read.

Day 1 – Jalandhar – Kangara. 141 km – 4 hours

Packed our backpacks and had our very heavy breakfast (I love Punjab for the amount and the quality of food they serve). We were heading out, but then Siddharth, again put a condition. He did not want to miss out on his lectures. Ah! We postponed our departure till the noon. At around 2 PM, we finally started our ride. Man, the road from Hoshiarpur is so beautiful. Canopy over the whole highway with farms alongside the road.

Photo of Bike Trip To Dharamshala 1/3 by Saurav Parashar
Riding good roads on good machine

We made few stops here and there. Had some snacks at a dhaba, too.

Photo of Bike Trip To Dharamshala 2/3 by Saurav Parashar
A Thunderbird 350 and an Avenger 'Saaa-treet' 220

It got dark when we reached Kangara, plus on the darker side, the visor of our really bad conditioned helmets were already bad, so we #could_not_see_crap!

Parked out motorcycles which happened to be a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 and a Bajaj Avenger Street (Punjabis called it Saa-treet. Some even thought it was a HD 750 saa-treet) and headed out to fill our bellies with some delicious street food. Unfortunately, wherever we went there was a big queue of people already waiting.

We had to go to a fancy restaurant. At first, we were at an impression that we had to pay with our kidneys for that food. Man-O-Man, was I not wrong, I had the best Rara chicken of my life there! The staff was so polite and we paid in cash.

Day 1 ended well.

Day 2 – Explore Dharamshala – Jalandhar. 180 km – The whole day!

We had a deal that we would wake up by 4:40 in the morning and get ready by 5 and leave the hotel.

Me and Vishwaraj respected that deal and kept our words. So, we went to Siddharth’s room to check on him. I was not surprised seeing the fat bastard watching TV and when asked why he was doing that, he simply replied ‘Yaar Para pressure nahi bana!’. I stomped and left for chai with Vishwaraj in a hope that by the time we get back to the hotel, Siddharth would be ready with his ‘pressure’ released.

After checking out of the hotel, we rode towards Dharamshala. I still remember that it was showering a little. With the open helmet I could feel the breeze hitting my face. The fresh air filling my lungs and sweet grunt from the engine made it like living a dream.

Photo of Bike Trip To Dharamshala 3/3 by Saurav Parashar
'Dug-Dug' with breeze in the face!

We first went to Dal lake. Beautiful it was and even more beautiful was that ‘Paranthe wale bhaiya’ who served us with delicious paranthe for breakfast so early in the morning. We sat there for an hour or so and then left for Bhagsunag waterfall. But then, Siddharth had the ‘nature call’, so we had to re-route to a decent restaurant at Naddi. While he went to the washroom, we pretended like we were sitting there to eat. Soon enough he came back and we rode to Bhagsunagh.

It had gotten crowded as we reached there. Parked our bikes and headed towards the falls. Saw the crowded region and clicked a selfie from the temple and decided not to get lost in the crowd. (Just a bad excuse for not walking the trail to the waterfall!)

We had heard a lot about the highest Cricket ground from Siddharth's friend who had visited Dharamshala in the winters when she could see the snow capped mighty Dhauladhar range behind the stadium at a distance. Ah! Quite a scene it must have been unlike the one we witnessed. We took a panorama and decided to walk away.

Highest Cricket Ground in India

Photo of HPCA Cricket Stadium, Gumma, Himachal Pradesh, India by Saurav Parashar

Weird whale noises started to come from our bellies, it was time for lunch. Looked for a decent dhaba and we ordered Thukpa {Me and Vishwaraj did, Siddharth just sat (he took a nap) there. He got the chance to taste Thukpa when we went to Sangla two years later}. It is the best Thukpa to this day.

The best Thukpa of my life.

Photo of Bike Trip To Dharamshala by Saurav Parashar

By 'sat' I meant 'Slept'

Photo of Bike Trip To Dharamshala by Saurav Parashar

We were all set to leave for Jalandhar as we had rented those bikes for only two days. Started riding to Jalandhar after the lunch. En-route to our final destination, Vishwaraj somehow managed to crash the bike at ‘Lucky Juice center’. Lucky us, nothing happened to him on that crash or any other that happened in future (Yes, he crashes a lot!).

We reached Jalandhar by 7 in the evening. Returned the bikes and had our dinner at McDonalds nearby.

What I learnt from this trip?

• Siddharth was stupid back then.

• Engine braking. Yes, saves you at turns and makes you able to get great fuel efficiency from your bike.

• Taking HDR shots on my iPhone 4s

Total Cost: Jalandhar to Jalandhar

• Bike – Thunderbird– 1000*2 = 2000/-

• Fuel – 320 km – 38 kmpl – Rs. 70/L ~ 600/-

• Food and stay – 1000/-

Total damage ~ 3600/-

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That was a great insight! Looking forward to go to Dharamshala now.
Thu 05 23 19, 11:02 · Reply (1) · Report
Go there. It is a great place to spend the weekend.
Fri 05 24 19, 14:21 · Report