Bir Billing Paragliding

Photo of Bir Billing Paragliding 1/1 by Rajgundha Valley
Take off from billing by literally running of a hill at a altitude of 2430 meter at sea level. While you are in the air, the views are simply breath taking when-seeing the Himalayan Dholadhar mountains ranges and the other surronding valley below you from so high is something you will never forget in
Day 1

Bir Billing in India which have become world-renowned for some of the best paragliding in the world. Paragliding the rush for a moment and go for a walk, explore a Bir Billing, remember what it feels like to breath fresh air and hear the wind in the trees.

Tandom ride also called joy ride. Here the glider is maneuvered by a pilot and you just sid and enjoy and click pictures and videos. Bir Billing paraglidiing

rates depend on the during of the flying.