Birding at Kaikondrahalli


Waking up on the early Sunday morning and packing your essentials to go for a Bird Photo-walk is the best start for the day!

While I was traveling in the public transport to reach the Kaikondranhalli lake, I had millions of thoughts running in the back end of my mind. I was thinking of how beautiful the skies are every morning and how different it is everyday. At some point, I was thinking to myself that there are very few people in the universe who appreciate the nature as it is. I was almost about to dose off in the bus but then i had to be wide awake to get off in the correct stop. My bag was pretty heavy to carry as I did not have the camera bag back then.

I enter the kaikondranhalli park as it is said than kaikondranhalli lake. I saw the old people walking alongside with such enthusiasm and happiness. I felt so good seeing such happy people around me. I met the photo-walk guys at the starting point of the lake. The organizer gave us tips on what are the different kinds of species one can see here, also explained us the difficulty level of capturing those birds in sight as birds are very cautious every moment and they don’t usually give a chance for anyone to capture them. He wanted to convey that we need to be very slow and very quiet while trying to capture any bird.

I set my camera accordingly and did a few try outs. As I was walking I was carefully observing the trees around and also, the lake. The organizer with his sharp eyes say, ‘Watch out, there is weaver bird weaving its nest’.

I, from a distance, zooming the lens and focusing towards the bird. I was trying to zoom to the maximum extent and here is what I could capture.

Photo of Kaikondrahalli Lake, Valliyamma Layout, Harlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka by Swathi Kamisetty

I was very happy with the capture and gained some confidence in bird photography. I have heard from people that bird and wildlife photography journal is the most dangerous and expensive field.

Walked little further and I see a yellow body with peach beak bird. I had never seen a yellow bird till then. I asked the organizer what is the name of the bird. And instantly, looking at it he says, ‘Hey! Its male golden oriole’. ‘It is a rare sight to see this bird and not every time one can sight this bird here’. I was feeling lucky about myself to sight this bird here.

Photo of Kaikondrahalli Lake, Valliyamma Layout, Harlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka by Swathi Kamisetty

The bird is so classy and fancy to look at. It was a mesmerizing view for the bird watchers.

Sometime later, I could sight cranium bolts, kingfisher, owls and few other birds.

Photo of Birding at Kaikondrahalli by Swathi Kamisetty

Kingfisher, the name says it all. The color shade of the body is amazing. It clearly depicts the god’s gift to it. Being one of the rare birds to sight in India, it has its own color composition and taste. No editing stands out when it is sight by naked eye.

Photo of Kaikondrahalli Lake, Valliyamma Layout, Harlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka by Swathi Kamisetty

The cranium bolts all over the lake keeping the lake alive and happy for the people to watch them out. Cranium bolts are no less compared to the other rare sights we see here. The cranium bolts enjoying their early morning breeze on the branches of the dead dry tree. Two cranium bolts having love of their life and time.

The bird photo-walk completely changed my view and thoughts about nature. Nature is too beautiful to complain. It is the sole duty and responsibility to let these creatures live in this universe just like we do. These deserve to be protected and conserved. I was very happy to know that Kaikondranhalli park is human created and conserved park by the environmentalists and people who live there.

~Swathi Kamisetty