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Birthplace of Zero
Duration: 1 Day

Can we imagine our world without number “Zero”. Surely no. A little village just 18 kilometers  away from Chalisgaon and 108 km away from Aurangabad called “Patna” is birth place of Great Indian Mathematician and Astronomer Bhaskara II.    
                               It is said that Bhaskara II have his Ashrama near Patna Devi Temple (known as Chandika Devi Temple) where he invented existence of number  “Zero” and rules describing function of Zero in 498 A.D.                                                                     The concept of zero was firstly presented by Great Indian scholar “Pingala” in his book “Chandah Sutras” as “SUNYA” in second century. Bhaskara II might also have used ancient Chandika Devi temple as his observatory but history is silent. Although the exact place is not known but visiting a place which has changed Human History will give you a great pleasure.
                                                               This beautiful place is located in Gautala Reserve Forest. Many travelers prefer to trek from Pitalkhora Caves to Patnadevi through jungle which hardly requires 2 hours to reach. There is ancient Hemadpanthi Temple and Fort known as “Kanhergad” adjacent to Patna Devi Temple. Government cottages are available for stay near temple and food is too available.

Photos of  1/2 by hrushi palodkar
Photos of  2/2 by hrushi palodkar

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