Blue Cave Tour in Croatia: An Unforgettable Experience


Rent a boat in Split and head for the Blue Cave Tour Croatia , if you want a holiday trip that is really unusual. Blue Cave Tour from Split is an exciting and richly featured excursion. It starts from Split and through a series of day trips, there's just so much you can see. Exploring the 5 islands, Dalmatian locales and several attractions is one of the most exciting adventures you can undertake on a trip.

Blue Cave Tour: Reliable, Action Packed Adventure

The Blue Cave Tour can be carried out with the aid of reliable speed or motor boats. The pleasure of enjoying the pristine natural beauty and breathtaking scenes is immeasurable. The tour commons every morning and starts from Split's Promenade.

Split's Promenade is also called Riva. It is the perfect choice for soaking in the sun, sea and refreshing air. This is a great place to relax too. Starting from the promenade is a good choice if you want a bit of the local colors, flavors and tastes to permeate in your pleasure tours. There are beautiful scenes of the Brac and Solta islands close by. You can enjoy company and conversation with ease. Just meters from the sea, the beauty of the place is enchanting. Relax and enjoy the food at the numerous bars and restaurants here. Eat, drink and be merry.

The Scene from Split's Promenade

The Riva view is worth the wait and effort. You can see the numerous Croatian islands and enjoy the splendid view of the coastal cities and towns. Riva is the core of the city and the central point in the life of local people. Before the tour starts, drinking the morning coffee on the scenic promenade with the glow of the rising sun is a sight worth the wait.

At NW Coast of Tanna, there are numerous rock forms and assortments of natural formations. These vary from single pieces to a group of structures. Despite natural erosion, these rock formations retain their glory and have very interesting shapes. The shoreline of coral limestone is indeed a rewarding side. Nature's creativity is in full view for everyone to see. Blue Cave itself has a dive to access it. There's a brief underwater tunnel and the dive is challenging, though simple. Accessing the Blue Cave creates a sense of achievement and brings joy to the tourist.

This cave is shaped like a dome. Its attractively lit interior can be accessed through a snug opening at the top. The silent, dreamy space of the cave is enough to trigger beautiful holiday memories. There's a rich history behind the Blue Cave. It has been formed over centuries by erosion caused by water coming through the opening. The fish within the cave abound and large schools of aquatic species are on display. The experience of the Blue Cave is unforgettable indeed!

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