Bottled poetry from Nashik

29th Aug 2014

Things you see outside a sleeper compartment

Photo of Bottled poetry from Nashik by Awara

Wine is bottled poetry

Photo of Bottled poetry from Nashik by Awara

York Winery

Photo of Bottled poetry from Nashik by Awara

We boarded the LTT- Muzzaffarpur train from Mumbai to Nashik and beyond Kalyan the journey began to unravel its many breathtaking mysteries. The journey from Mumbai to Nashik was wrapped in green with sights of little sleepy hamlets, of villagers meandering with their goats, of waterfalls that suddenly opened their hearts to the rain waters, sudden glimpses of the highway and the hustle bustle of a sleeper compartment. We dropped off our bags at the Ibis and cabbed it to York Winery. Once outside Nashik we were greeted by wineries, small ponds and the vermillion skies smeared by the setting sun; it was a short drive. At York, we ultimately sat down for lunch with the view of the little winery, the setting sun and the droplets of rain as we devoured the scrumptious home-like Dum Biryani followed by a session of wine tasting where we were acquainted with the many offerings of the winery. Soon we sat down with our pick of wine bottle, warm conversation surrounded by tranquil silence, soft music and black clouds trooping around us. From a distance you could see the winding road to the winery and the infrequent vehicle and suddenly unknowingly I never knew whether it was the wine or the tantalizing sky but I felt like I was a Goddess of some sort. 

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