Brahmaputra Market- Noida's almost answer to Sarojini Nagar


Being a delhi gir, born and bought up with college and school from Delhi, I have been bought up on a healthy dose of Sarojini Nagar, Janpath clothes for the affordable fashion. Sometimes it used to amaze me how Delhi caters to all varieties form the penniless to the plentiful. having shifted to Noida a decade back and seeing it grow, one things which pleasantly makes me happy is the Brahmputra market now bursting at it seems with clothes from Export Surplus. Look for abrand and you will find it with labels cut at the nape of the neck. Vero Moda, Old Navy, GAP and prices you would probably splurge on a cup of coffee at Barista. An old Sardarji has parked right outside the many many food stalls which throng the place has the most amazing kids wear at throw away prices, where you won't even bargain. The Gurunanak Store, the MP Emporium for the Kilol, Anokhi variety are a must see.

The market could up its level of cleanliness but truly a delight and a shoppers and a foodie paradise, the two things which are sure to make a day happy.

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