Brahmatal Trek

23rd Nov 2018
Photo of Brahmatal Trek by neha ballal

We live under the notion that maybe trekking is not for everyone, but when I started working with this trekking company at Lohajung in Uttrakhand I realized that no, despite what we think people of all ages, shapes and size can trek.

So here I was with a group of 10 trekkers and their staff going up to this cozy little lake of Brahmatal

You start by going to Bekaltal. This is around 4 hours from the base camp of Lohajung where you pass some beautiful scenaries and cross some dense forests and waterfalls to make it to the base.

So we left Lohajung by 8 in the morning to reach the campsite by noon. It was a nice trek up the hill, some places a little steep, some easy, but mostly all uphill to reach the campsite. The kitchen staff had already gone and set up their tents and started cooking.

So as soon as we arrived, and we warmed up we got to eat some delicious food and relax. You can walk around exploring the lake late noon. The lake freezes during the months of Jan- Feb and is covered with snow then. November December, is just the start of snowfall so you will not have too much snow to tread on.

A pitstop on the way to Bekaltal

Photo of Bekaltal, Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India by neha ballal

The next morning we left for Brahmatal. The trek on this day is a little longer and takes more time. You start by walking steep uphill into the forest for about an hour after which you come to a clearing. You stop at the clearing to take in the view of the beautiful snowcapped ranges of Nanda gunti and Trishuli.

Snow capped background from Jhandi Top

Photo of BrahmaTal, Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India by neha ballal

After that you walk further up to a peak called Jhandi Top from where you get a good view of all the surrounding mountains. Then you start you hike down towards the lake/ campsite. You have to walk through some rocky terrain, minding your footsteps and making it to the base which takes another 2 hours from the peak.

Once at the base we get to have hot lunch and then unwind for the day. The base of most trekking companies are away from the lake and so you can take a hike in the evening to see the lake.

Way to Brahmatal

Photo of Brahmatal Trek by neha ballal

The next morning we had decided to go further up to the peak and cross a cliff to make it down the other side of the mountain on a new camp called Tilbudi. This other side makes the trek way longer and you will end up walking steep uphill for about 2-3 hours and then downhill for 2-3 hours with a kind of flat cliff walk in the middle. For people scared of heights this is not the most ideal scenario but with a helping hand anything is possible.

Tilbudi is a campsite right by the edge of the forest and it is beautiful. You can see the sunrise from the snow capped mountain in the morning and the stars of the sky during the night along with a few lights from the villages. 

After a night here you start you descend down to Wan from where you get a vehicle to Lohajung. Your trek ends here and it is totally worth it with the snow. 

Photo of Brahmatal Trek by neha ballal
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