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If you’re ready to break out of your comfort zone and embrace a nomadic way of life, take a leaf out of our Head-Tripper Siddharth’s trip to Indonesia.

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Life is short – we have limited time to do the things that we really want to do. It’s also a voyage — or a sack of coins that are yours alone to spend. (Those are my metaphors for life, anyways.) And it’s supposed to be fun. For a lot of people like Siddharth, that means not waiting until retirement to travel but rather getting out there and exploring now.

Photo of Indonesia by Payal Khemka

If you want to travel now, but you’re scared to do it alone, you’ll be able to find excuses everywhere if you look for them. You’ll find ways to say you can’t do it right now: you’re not ready; your job, friends, or fears are holding you back; you have too many obligations.

Basically, these excuses mean you’ll never get on the road. Because at every stage of your life, you’ll be able to find a reason why it can’t work for you. It will never be the right time to travel.

“I understand not wanting to travel alone, I didn’t want to do it either, until I decided that I really just had to travel and it had to happen prior to turning 65. I knew my friends couldn’t do it with me — they had jobs and other commitments they didn’t want to leave, and so did just about everyone else I asked. Sometimes, the dream to travel will be yours alone, and that means you have to do it by yourself if you’re going to do it at all.”

Photo of Breathe Dream Go by Payal Khemka

Every problem seems insurmountable at the time, but there are ways to get around those obstacles that keep you from traveling, no matter what. Save up, break the news to your parents, do your research so that you (and they) will be less worried, and let everyone else’s opinion stay with them.

“It’s your bag of coins, and your life. Get out there and spend it how you want to!”

“I’ve always been interested in seeing Indonesia and what made me GO FOR IT was my new found love to learn How to Surf!. I saw both sides of the tourism here: the famous resorts and the new budget travel trail, hostels, so much so that it could be another blog altogether. Along the way, I learned a lot about this country, The Bali experience is something that can’t be explained, it’s a cultural and spiritual journey that needs to be experienced in order to be understood.”

Hearing Siddharth narrate his experiences in that one month of adventure, is an experience in itself! You can almost see the child-like enthusiasm that takes over him, for it is not everyday you get to do things that leave you with innumerable stories that will never get boring how many times ever you narrate/listen to them. Travelling for that long will leave anyone with a bank of stories and incidents. I am listing down my favourites, the rest is for you to find out if you get a chance to meet him!

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