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It's extremely troublesome to wrap Bali in just a few words. The only island to offer a huge bundle of countless attractions clubbed up into one. The lush green vegetation, antique ancient culture, innumerable temples, marvelous giant mountains, huge terraces of rice fields, and last but not the least beautiful black and white sand beaches. Bali has all of it as offerings.

Bali is a place for all, from backpackers to families, divers to disciplined yogis, along with surfers to luxuriant Wanderers. All the travelers wandering Southeast Asia undoubtedly have Bali on their list.

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Bali And The Time-Honoured Temples

Bali is a store house of thousands of marvelous temples. Make sure to visit and explore at least some of these creations on your visit. Most popular ones being The Uluwatu Temple, The Saraswati Temple, The Bedugul Temple and the holy temple of Besakih. It is recommended that you modestly dress and keep your shoulders as well as knees covered while visiting these temple sites.

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Experience A Volcano Trek Prior Sunrise

Wouldn't you want to witness a sunrise from the top of a volcanic mountain? Challenge yourself while on your Bali trip to climb one of those volcano mountains and have a heavenly feel. The mountains include Mount Batur, Mount Bratan, Mount Merbuk and Mount Agung. So hire a guide and climb one of these enormous mountains.

Mount Batur offers the most beautiful view along with Caldera Lake flowing nearby which can be reached within a time span of 2 hours.

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Want To Learn Surfing? KUTA Is The Place For You

Surfing attracts all the adventure lovers to Bali. You get to experience hi-class surfing activities here without affecting your pocket. The Kuta waves are just perfect for the learners as they do not break over corals. Instead, they break over sand. For the advanced surfers, the list contains Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, and Canggu.

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Beautiful Bali Beaches

The beaches of Bali include Geger Beach, Mengiat Beach, Legian Beach, Jimbaran Beach along with the beaches surrounding Sanur. You can drop out of the Bali beach, take a boat and shoot out to a nearby island comprising of azure waters and white sand making it one of your dearest getaways. Popular ones being Nusa Penida, Gili Island, and Nusa Lembongan. These dream islands can be reached only in a time span of 2 hours using a speed boat.

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Traditional Dance Show Of Bali - BALINESE

Balinese People have immense love for dance, culture, and drama. You will find amazing ritual traditional shows with talented dancers dressed in spectacular costumes all around during the celebrations in Bali. You can plan your trip accordingly such that you find a golden chance of witnessing one of these vibrant performances in Bali. One of the well-received ones being Kecak Dance Performance of Uluwatu, that includes mesmerizing scenic beauty all around. The male performers keep seated in a circle and make sounds while the female performers put up a beautiful show with captivating expressions.

Bali offers an exceptional value for money. The antiques and variety that Bali carries are unavailable in any other tourism destination worldwide. Bali is an enormous island where one can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle far away from the crowded streets.

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