Breathtaking views are my favourite part of travelling!

Photo of Chapora, Goa, India by Himakshi Joshi

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.”

-Martin Buber.

We often sit and plan for days before embarking on any journey, thinking of a suitable itinerary, making a list of the “must-visit” spots, and hoping to be able to tick off each place on that list. But, what we actually realize later on, is that the best discoveries were the ones which weren’t on that list in the first place.

Spontaneity is the key to making a trip memorable.

Take that risk, go to the hidden, unidentified spot on that GPS, ask for directions, but don’t be scared if you lose track of them, as you don’t know what experience awaits you.

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Very well written!❤
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