Brooklyn Restaurants Spotlight: Bonnie’s Grill

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The best New York City restaurants aren’t always the ones you read about in the major tourist books. Often, you’ll find some amazing cuisine at little known local establishments.

Check out what Jeremy has to say about his favorite restaurant in Park Slope, Brooklyn:

If you are looking for some good, homey American cuisine to be washed down with delicious local beer, Bonnie’s Grill is your place. Located on 5th Ave. and 2nd St. in the friendly, quaint neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn, this eatery is one of the many fine establishments in the area. It doesn’t offer the only high quality burger in Park Slope, but the seasoning and spices on these burgers are very unique. The steak sandwich is also very tasty. Almost everything on the menu is between eight and twelve dollars and is served with fries or soup. The soups change often and are always more than satisfying. They have great chicken and roast beef sandwiches, and even vegetarian options, including an amazing vegetarian chili, Their bar is extremely welcoming, and if there is a sporting event on television, it can be seen here. The service is always very pleasant as well. I usually place my orders to go (since they do not offer a delivery service), and the food is always packaged well and promptly provided. The grill is out in the front too, so the cooking of meals to order can be seen and really gives it more of a homey style and laid back atmosphere that keep me going back. Their beer selection is rather nice, and usually one or two local brews are available. Pitchers are around twenty dollars. Their desserts are also very delicious. This was the first restaurant that I really enjoyed in New York because of the moderate and appropriately priced dishes. Whenever I try any new restaurant in New York, I compare it to Bonnie’s Grill. It has fresh ingredients, a menu that is versatile enough not to get old and always keep you satisfied, and that local, comforting vibe that makes you feel welcome. It is a must-stop location for any New York vacation.

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