Buddha's Eye View, Langza


Has a place ever changed you so much that your 28 years of life looks like a lie to you? I felt this about Spiti. It changed me as a person, I am still not sure as a good or bad. But it did change me. I feel more content with my surroundings. I close my eyes and see nothing but the Key Monastery. I feel a sudden change that has not happened in any of my last trips. Initially, I thought it must be for a time being, but looks like it's permanent. I might look negative to people around me, but I am more selective with my words. Limited talks !!

Good or Bad, Change is always sweet and is the only constant. Spiti is surrounded by an energy which changes you for your good. It will influence you with it's supreme positivity and you might experience vibes in your inner soul. Every single village of this valley has some story to tell. I urge you not to go here as a tourist but a traveller who wants to experience himself. Don't go there to click pictures and find wows around but to make memories enough to touch your soul. I failed to do that because of my short trip. But I am sure I will go again and feel the depth of every inch of Spiti. As a piece of my heart, my soul is still there.

July, 2016

Photo of Buddha's Eye View, Langza by Ankita Singh
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