Budget-friendly Christmas/New Years!

23rd Dec 2017
Photo of Budget-friendly Christmas/New Years! 1/1 by Dipti Pathare
A beautiful camp-site amidst nature!

December means planning for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations! The planning starts a long way before and everyone starts to hunt for the best place to rejoice these magical events! The best club, best movies, restaurants and so and so forth…

But, how about spending this beautiful time of the month away from the crowds of Mumbai and Pune, camping with your loved ones, with barbecue food, enjoying the pink cold and a blanket full of stars?

Quite tempting, isn’t it?

Well, Thrill Camps present you a budget-friendly option with a set of amenities which will not only want you to book straight away, but also, gift yourself a starry night in the lap of mother Nature

The owner of Thrill Camps – Kartik Deshpande, a young enthusiast of adventure and who believes small joys comes not in spending thousands in clubbing and lavish parties, but a little for an escapade and admire the beauty of nature.

He charges 3000 per person which includes-

A tent stay, buffet food, barbecue (both veg and non-veg), campfire, Bluetooth speakers for music (so the guests can listen to their own music), a trek to a near-by fort, and boating!

The tent is a 3-occupancy tent, along with sleeping bags and foam mattress, and camp lights. Food includes -1-time breakfast and tea, buffet dinner (both veg and non-veg as per choice), barbeque, evening chai and pakoda.

There is a fort next to the campsite, which is a 45-minute trek (difficulty level: easy/moderate), where people can go on their own. However, if anyone wants a guide, he can send someone along, who’d lead the trek.

What’s more??

There is a boating club about 3 km from the campsite so that is also included. This boating comes absolutely free of cost as the owner has a premium membership, so all his guests can go and have leisure time while sun sets the sky pink.

Where is it located, you’d ask?

It is located at an easily accessible location near Kamshet around 60 km from Pune and around 121 km from Mumbai.

What is not included? (Exclusions)

Travel to and fro to the location.

Any extra meals

Best plan?

Start towards the location after lunch, drive up to the campsite, go for a trek and/or boating, come back to the camp location, freshen up and get ready for delicious food, enjoy good music and go star gazing. Next morning, get up, relish on tea and breakfast and then leave for home sweet home with memories!

Photo of Thrill Camps, Tikona Peth, Maharashtra, India by Dipti Pathare
Photo of Thrill Camps, Tikona Peth, Maharashtra, India by Dipti Pathare
Photo of Thrill Camps, Tikona Peth, Maharashtra, India by Dipti Pathare

What to carry along?

 A pair of extra clothes

 Trekking shoes

 Any on-going medicines

 First-aid

 Camera

 Power bank (so you don’t run out of your cell phone battery)

 Munchies (Chips, biscuits, chocolates, etc)

 Personal Toiletries

 A bed sheet (if required)

 A shawl or jacket (to keep you warm)

To know more, you can contact the owner himself at 083694 45976

or through social media at:

Facebook – Thrill Camps

Instagram – @thrillcamps

Photo of Budget-friendly Christmas/New Years! by Dipti Pathare
Photo of Budget-friendly Christmas/New Years! by Dipti Pathare

star trails! a lovely treat to the eyes!

Photo of Budget-friendly Christmas/New Years! by Dipti Pathare


Thrill Camps

Tikona Fort, Tikona hiking Trail, Tikona Peth, Maharashtra 412108

Are you ready for some adventure?

Contact Thrill Camps NOW!!! And book yourself and your loved ones an amazing night out under the stars!!

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