Burma: Old Burma Road

20th Sep 2017
Photo of Burma: Old Burma Road 1/1 by Ralph Ledergerber

20 September to 14 October 2017

Our journey begins in China in ‘the land of eternal spring’, at Yunnan, famous for its geological wonders including the Stone Forest, and for encounters with diverse ethnic groups and ancient towns. Amongst them are the beautiful ‘shangri-la’ settlements of Lijiang and Dali nestled in the Tibetan foothills, where we experience a fascinating array of old market squares, traditional houses, shops, and cobbled lanes, divided by fast streams and canals traversed by picturesque arched bridges. You won’t be surprised to discover that Lijiang is the only UNESCO World Cultural Heritage city in China. Travelling on to Dali (another ancient city of fame) we join the ‘Old Burma Road’ and travel south to Tengchong, through the rarely visited area of China where awesome volcanic landscapes are punctuated with ancient villages. We cross the border into the newly emerging land of Myanmar (Burma). “This is Burma, and it will be quite unlike any land you know about”…wrote Rudyard Kipling at the end of the nineteenth century. And so it is today; an isolated, remote country, well off the beaten tourist tracks, remaining a ‘golden land’ of tranquillity and timelessness, infused with Buddhist ideals and incredible diversity.

Departure date: 20 September 2017

Duaration: 25 days

Hotel Standards: 3 - 4 star standard and best available in remote areas.

The final program and cost will not be available until late 2016. Please register your interest to receive the details by sending an email to Lee Grafton or ring 0401 123 347

Final payment due and close of booking: Friday, 7 July 2017

For more information please visit: http://www.zenorientaljourneys.com.au

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If you read Kipling then this is it. Experience the beauty of this nation and nothing will ever be the same.
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