Camping at Bikamp adventures- leh ladakh.

Photo of Camping at Bikamp adventures- leh ladakh. by Diksha Ranjan

who doesn't want to disconnect from this chaotic world or lifestyle and live a life without any worries? who doesn't want to lie down under celestial display? who doesn't want to get lost in wilderness? who doesn't want to walk deep into the woods? who doesn't love to relax in the lap of mountains?

Everyone wants that right? So did I.

How about camping on the banks of river Indus, clouds hovering all around, deep into the woods, where sun and mist plays with each other? I think i personally loved the idea of having hot cappuccino in the wilderness. so i headed to bikamp adventures, Leh, settled on a picturesque setting amid Himalayas. i had one of the most amazing as well as thrilling experience of camping ever. the serene sound of river Indus, flowing amidst the woods soothed my soul. At night it was pitch dark, but numerous of shimmering stars lighted the place naturally. I was mesmerized by the different facets of landscapes and extremely hospitable people. i woke up to an very awe inspiring view. snow clad mountain ranges, different colors, that gold tint on the mountain, and dry trees with interesting patterns.

Away from the confusion, chaos, i encountered something very peaceful. i found something more of worth, here while camping in bikamp leh. Worth more doing photography . i felt the peace and serenity across my body, skin and soul. surrounded by the picturesque nature. I was observing keenly, the light. while relaxing om the bank of river Indus and it touched my soul.

I think camping at Bikamp, leh is one of the most wonderful experience ever till now. First of all i was stunned by the kaleidoscope landscapes. More than i captured those myriad landscapes, my heart captured it all. The spectacular and stunning view of the camp got imprinted on my memory and etched on my heart. Those connection with hospitable people and helpful people has been established forever. The pure and primitive beauty of landscape and the amazing amiable people is one of the strongest reason for my such amazing and soothing experience at Bikamp, leh.

The weather was cold wind was chilled but their warm welcoming gave warmth to my heart. I was left speechless with their warmth. I strongly recommend everyone to go and experience the rawness of nature in this so called man made lifestyle. Lie down in the lap of Himalayas, and instead of just capturing the images with your camera or phone, capture the image visually in your heatrt by experiencing it.

"Wake up to the mountains, leave your footprint in the roads less taken, treat yourself with breath taking landscapes and variegated hues of lakes".

Camping in Bikamp adventures, Leh Ladakh.

Photo of India by Diksha Ranjan
Photo of India by Diksha Ranjan
Photo of India by Diksha Ranjan
Photo of India by Diksha Ranjan
Photo of India by Diksha Ranjan
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