Cant go outside? Go inside #TravelFromHome

19th May 2020
Photo of Cant go outside? Go inside #TravelFromHome by Sushmitha Kuchana
Day 1

During these times of covid-19 all the travel came to a standstill. It is difficult for all us travelmaniacs to move between kitchenpura and sofasan. In these testing times i realised when i can't go outside and explore the beauty of the nature, maybe i should go inside and explore the beauty with in. Then i found this amazing ONLINE MEDITATION & BREATH WORKSHOP. I am now free of all the frustrations of being cooped up in the ghar-shala🙂. It opened up a whole new world, filled with peace and joy where am contented to just be in bed-rajya. Ofcourse i do have plans for my next trip, We travelers are always planning to visit this hill station and that beach, but now that that is not an option anymore, it felt like my wings were clipped, but there is no way am gonna let this time go without making good use of it, so I started making plans for the most awaited trip of every Indian🤭. Goa I found this sweet home stay with a hammock in woods, but that has to wait for now cuz this is no time to explore outside beauty when inner beauty is waiting for me discover it. Relish it. These plans are not to be thwarted, And thus the journey began.  It was filled with unexpected twists and  turns, I thought meditation is boring but now i stand corrected. It was so fun with lot of games, opening insights into my thoughts, feelings and emotions. Now i have to say this journey inside opened up new avenues to enjoy and explore the outer world. I am now more ready to enjoy that beautiful hammock in the trees.

So let's Go within & explore the peaks and valleys of our own self😍. Google online meditation and breath workshop and make the best of this lockdown by going on this amazing journey. Explore. Love.