Carnelian – A Motivational and Useful Chakra Pendant


Carnelian conveys an acceptance of the cycle of life and eliminates fear of demise. In bygone times, it was utilized to secure the dead on their voyage to the afterlife. It provides courage, assists positive dispels apathy, life choices, and inspires for success in career and other matters. Carnelian is helpful for control abuse of any kind. The Carnelian stone assists you to belief yourself and your sensations. It gets to the bottom of what makes you check, overcomes negative conditioning, and inspires steadfastness.

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Mentally, Carnelian increases analytic abilities and clarifies perception. It eleminates extraneous thought in meditation and tunes day dreamers into everyday reality. It edges concentration and dispels mental lethargy. Emotionally, the Carnelian stone is a strong protector against envy, temper, and irritation, yours or other people's. It calms anger and expels emotional negativity, restoring it with a love of life.

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Healing Carnelian is full of the life power and energy. It encourages the metabolism. Carnelian operates the base chakra, impacts the female conceptive organs, and increase fertility. This stone controls coldness and impotence, arthritis, heals lower back problems, depression, rheumatism, and neuralgia, mostly in those of approached years. It manages bodily moisture and the kidneys, increases ligaments and healing of bones, and stanches blood. Carnelian increases the absorption of minerals and vitamins and confirms a good donate of blood to tissues and organs.

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The Carnelian use as a belt buckle or pendant, or spot in connection with the skin as relevant. Carnelian near the main gate or front door examples protection and asks affluence into the home. Basically, Carnelian chakra pendant have found in two specific colors which are Red and Pink. The Pink Carnelian increases the parent-child relationship. It assists to restore love and trust after manipulation or abuse. The Red Carnelian energizes and warms. It is specific helpful for resisting sluggishness and for energizing the mind and body.

Photo of Carnelian – A Motivational and Useful Chakra Pendant 4/4 by Seven Chakra India

Color – Orange, Red, Brown, Pink

Rarity – Common

Appearance – Translucent pebble, Small, Often water-worn or tumbled

Source – India, Peru, Britain, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Iceland

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