Central India's most Beautiful place - Pachmarhi

24th Feb 2019
Photo of Central India's most Beautiful place - Pachmarhi by Yash Menghani

I have always loved exploring places and traveling to new destinations, I recently decided to go on a short and budget trip to Pachmarhi, a hill station in the heart of India.

I decided to ditch touristy and popular spots like Jatashankar caves , Bee falls, etc and rely on my inner explorer as much as possible.

Highlight from the trip -

Sitting at the edge overlooking the sunset!

Photo of Central India's most Beautiful place - Pachmarhi 1/1 by Yash Menghani
Day 1

I headed out from bhopal in the morning to pachmarhi in my car, it's a 5-6 hrs journey. I had booked a cheap hotel room for 2 nights the day before and it cost me around Rs. 1400.

Reaching pachmarhi in the afternoon, i rested a bit in my hotel and then headed my way to mount dhupgarh (highest point in the satpura range of madhya pradesh) and was stopped when reached the ticket check point, i had no idea about the ticket system and the fact that you have to pay to experience what nature has to offer is so unacceptable, anyway, i asked the person for the ticket and they told me i'll have to go to bison lodge which was a museum and a ticket place for the paid spots in pachmarhi, so i frustratingly traveled back around 3-3.5 Km to that place and got the ticket and headed back to the ticket checking point and was allowed to enter the area, after that point, drove around 7 Km on very steep hilly roads and just when i was about to reach the parking area, i saw the sun's rays hitting the mountain peaks, it was so beautiful that i had to stop and capture it.

Photo of Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh, India by Yash Menghani

Experienced such a mesmerizing golden hour and the view of the mountains looked so beautiful.

Photo of Central India's most Beautiful place - Pachmarhi by Yash Menghani

After parking the car at the parking spot, i walked my way to the sunset viewpoint which was a nice 10 min walk away from the parking space, the sun was just about to set and the view looked totally amazing.

Photo of Dhoopgarh, Madhya Pradesh by Yash Menghani

The heavy winds, an insane sunset and the mountains stretching far to the horizon, what more could you ask for. I captured the place all around and at the end put my camera in my backpack and enjoyed the views in awe. I was the last one to get out from the place after the blue hour. Reached the hotel in total dark.After resting for a couple hours in the hotel room, got out for a walk of the hill station and had dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Day 2

The next morning, had the idea to visit the Rajat prapat Waterfall also known as Silver fall but decided not to as the time of my visit was Feb and monsoon months are best to experience the waterfall. I went to see handi khoh which was basically a clifftop with the view of a valley and spent around 20 mins there.

Photo of Handi Khoh, Pachmarhi Cantt, Madhya Pradesh, India by Yash Menghani

After Handi khoh, i headed to Priyadarshini Point (Forsyth Point).

The Forsyth Point was just a few minutes away from handi kho. So my expectations were not too high from this place but it turned out a better viewpoint than handi kho. But still, it was just a nice place until i got away from the crowded main viewing area, i started walking towards the right, into the denser trees area and kept walking for 7-8 minutes on a little incline hoping to find a good place at the peak of incline and i was right, found a superb clear view of the mountains which was not obstructed by the trees and plants like from the main viewpoint. There was a rock edge hanging outwards, so i walked over to the extreme edge, the heavy wind was pushing me back but when i took the last step, it made me feel like this was the exact moment that i was on this trip for.

Photo of Priyadarshini Point, Pachmarhi, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, India by Yash Menghani

I loved the place so much that i decided i had to watch the sunset from here, so i went back to the hotel room and had my lunch and then waited in the room until evening, and now before heading back to this place, i thought to visit the Pandava Caves but when i reached there, the caves were already closed. So i had some tea outside the Pandava caves park and rushed back to Forsyth Point. There were literally no tourists here in the evening because you don't get to see the sunset from the main view point of this place, but the spot i had explored had a clear view of the west (sunset). So it was pretty awesome that nobody was their to disturb me and i could enjoy and capture these insane moments.

Photo of Central India's most Beautiful place - Pachmarhi by Yash Menghani

It was one of the most beautiful sunsets i had experienced in my life.

Photo of Central India's most Beautiful place - Pachmarhi by Yash Menghani

The place looked so much more amazing now than in the afternoon. I watched the sun hide behind the mountain and go down below the horizon. I also am a passionate astro photographer and i love stargazing , so i decided to stay and wait for the stars to come up, it was getting scarier as it was getting darker but these experiences are worth the risks. Gradually, stars were getting visible in the sky. After an hour and half it was totally dark and millions and millions of stars had filled the sky, it was so surreal.

Photo of Central India's most Beautiful place - Pachmarhi by Yash Menghani
Day 3

Finally, i went back to the hotel and the next morning headed back home to bhopal. It was a short but a wonderful trip and i got to experience so much!