Chandigarh To Spiti Valley Road Trip - Day 1

2nd Jul 2021

So one Monday evening, we were sitting in our office, watching travel vlogs. We suddenly realize that we don't travel enough, apart from our occasional trips to Delhi, Shimla, Kasauli or Amritsar every month or two. So we asked ourselves where we should go, and someone blurted out Lahaul Spiti, and that was it. We created a YouTube Channel and an Instagram page, wrote fancy bio's (At least we thought so) in a few minutes and were all set to travel. (Links for both at the bottom)

We decided to go unplanned. Started from Mohali at 11 am, we had decided to cover as much as possible as we wanted to reach Kaza as early as we could. Someone suggested a stay in Shimla but was met with angry stares from rest of us. ('Coz we'd been in Shimla so many times). So we kept driving, clicked pictures, ate the road-side kulche-chhole right before Shimla. Drove through the Kinnaur valley with the plastic covered trees of apples and berries. We drove until 12:45 and reached our hotel, Om Hotel and Restaurant in Pooh. We had called ahead and booked it around 7 pm. The place is nice, offers some really nice food. Ask for extra spicy Kadhai Chicken if you ever go there. A typical budget hotel with rooms of INR 1,500 and 2,000 (Though they all looked the same) The hotel had a nice view of the mountains, couldn't see much at night but in the morning, it was a sight for the sore eyes.

This was pretty much our first day, just one of us drove 14 hours, covereing a total of 400 kilometers. With Kaza being about 150 kilometers from here, we decided to get up early and reach there ASAP. To follow our journey on YouTube, do not forget to check our channel. Subscribe while you're at it and follow us in Instagram.