Chanshal Pass-An Outdoor Himalayas

27th Aug 2016

Chanshal Pass-An Outdoor Himalays

Location- Chanshal Pass (Rohru)

Altitude- 3750 Meter Above Sea Level.

Maximum Elevation- 4200 Meter.

Suitable Time To Visit-May To June & September To October.

Activities- Hiking, Trekking ,Camping & Riding.

Nearest Railway Station/ Airport- Shimla.

Chanshal Pass Lies At An Altitude Of Almost 4,000 Meter Above Sea Level In Rohru Valley Of Himachal Pradesh. This Pass Has Variety Of flora & Fauna.

It Connects The Most Trans Area Of Rohru Valley- Dodra & Kawar Villages. These Two Villages Are On The Border Of Himachal Pradesh & Uttarakhand . Uttarakhand Used To A Main Trade Route To Dodra & Kawar Villages In The Earlier Time.

In This Whole Region (Rohru, Chawara & Dodra-Kawar) You Can See Traditional Style Houses Built By Wood & Stone, Their Traditional Style Of Costume ,Cultural Fair & Festivals.

Today Dodra & Kawar Villages Both Are Well Connected With All Basic Amenities Like- Transportation, Banking, Medical Facilities.

At Chanshal Pass, There Are So Much Possibilities To Promote Tourism, Like- Sking, Paragliding, Trekking, Hiking, River Rafting, Camping & Photography & So Many.

But Along With This Upcoming Tourism Opportunities At Chanshal Pass & in Rohru Valley, We Must Understand Negative Impact Of This On Our Nature.

"We Have To Give More Bact To Nature Than We Take From It"

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