Charming Little Annecy

Photo of Charming Little Annecy 1/3 by Vikas Dhawan

We had never heard of this name (Annecy) before this. It started off as an interesting experiment wherein we thought of putting it out on facebook that we are going to Europe and we asking people to suggest what all we can do there. This is where it happened. A "Facebook friend" of mine with whom i had not talked ever as such, came forward and suggested that we should visit Annecy. We looked for the pics on google and in the spurt of the moment, decided to go ahead. And boy it was a great. We stayed in Airbnb at a young girl's house who had no idea about India. It was interesting to sit with her and her boyfriend and tell them about our country while trying to know a little about theirs. So back to Annecy. Its a charming little town right near the French/Swiss border and it has a beautiful lake that will just take your breath away. They say that the water of the late is so pure that it can even be given to a 1 day old baby!!!

The central structure which is seen in most of Annecy's pics was a jail in a past. The only thing which we could think of, while sipping our red wine near the canal was..."man what a beautiful jail to be in"..

Photo of Charming Little Annecy 2/3 by Vikas Dhawan
Photo of Charming Little Annecy 3/3 by Vikas Dhawan
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