Chasing lavender in Provence


Lavender fields near Sault

Photo of Chasing lavender in Provence by Outside Suburbia

We were in Aix-en-Provence for a few days and came here on a mission to find some Lavender fields. Going in we knew, it was past the season for it, we have a little league baseball player in our family and his season does not get over till end of July. We were travelling in the middle of August when typically the lavender is harvested in July. But we were determined. We stopped at the tourism office where a very friendly lady explained to us that indeed most of the lavender fields were harvest but if we had a car we could drive further north up towards Sault to find some lavender fields. The tourism office also organizes walking tours in Aix, excursions to Sainte Victoire Mountain that Paul Cezanne painted and other trips around Provence. You can visit the atelier that Paul Cezanne painted from as well. But we had a car and we had lavender fields to find, so we got the maps and set off on our road trip to the rocks and valleys and forests of the Plateau de Vaucluse where lavender fields await us!

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