Chasing Milkyway in Indore

23rd Jun 2019
Day 1

So a lot of people have questions that can we see milky way in India and from where and how ? The answers to these all questions is YES, yes you can see it. To get a glimpse of Milkyway you have to keep certain things in mind first height from which you gonna see it, second moon third no or very less light pollution. New moon nights till Q1 moon is the best time to see milky way. And look south to see Milkyway. So we haven't been to North India where the view of Milkyway is clear and there is less light pollution. So we (me and my friendss who are one of the finest photographers of indore) decided to find it in our city Indore. We wandered at night in Jungles and remote area around 50 km from Indore. And finally found some spots which were best to see Milkyway and capture it. Here in Indore Milkyway can we viewed properly in summers from around 12:30AM till 4 AM. You can clearly see the core of Milkyway during this time. Along with milkyway we have also seen many wild animals during night like jackals, fox, owl, wild rabbits, mongoose. I am posting link to pictures which I clicked of Milkyway in Indore.
Also link to my fellow photographers profile who captured Milkyway much more better than me.
1. @sheetal_saini_indore

2. @shikhar8t

If you try to find Milkyway in you city outskirts please always go in a Group and try to stay alert since you can bump into wild animals like jackals, fox, snakes and may be leopard.

Milkyway captured from top of my car roof, the reflection is on roof of the car????

Photo of Chasing Milkyway in Indore by Harsh Jain

Miljyway not properly visible because there is alot of light pollution

Photo of Chasing Milkyway in Indore by Harsh Jain

Milkyway captured last during june, you can see the clouds appear during this time

Photo of Chasing Milkyway in Indore by Harsh Jain

Light painting with Milkyway

Photo of Chasing Milkyway in Indore by Harsh Jain
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