Check out these 6 Thai food on your Thailand Visit


The tropical forests, opulent beaches, royal palaces, ruins of ancient history, monasteries, history and culture – each of these things make Thailand a hub of travels and tourism in Southeast Asia. With the mixture of ancient and old with the ultra modernity, Thailand houses great places to visit, luxury living, ultimate shopping and a number of beautiful sights.

The most important reason to spend your vacation in Thailand is its delicious cuisine. Thai cuisine reflects a mixture of traditional and modern flavours. The spices, preparation and the delicious flavours will make you visit Thailand again and again.

Here are some most famous mouth watering dishes you should not miss while you visit Thailand:

1.Tom Yum Goong

The most famous Thai food and the favourite of most of the travellers from all over the world is Tom Yum Goong Soup. Main ingredient of this dish is shrimp. The aroma of fresh herbs, lemongrass, lime leaves, shallots and galangal makes the taste of this food heavenly. This dish is taken generally with combination of rice or noodles, or you can have it just a soup. The soury taste of lime juice added just at the end of preparation, makes this cooling and balances out the chilli and spices in your stomach.

2. Pad Thai

Pad Thai is king of stir fried noodles and is served all over Thailand. You can find this food at the street side stalls well as fine dining restaurants. Pad Thai was first made by Chinese Thai chef in 1930. The thin rice noodles are stir fried with eggs, tofu, vegetables, spices, and served with shrimp, chicken or pork as per choice. Pad thai is not a spicy dish and the taste is more towards sweet and pungent.

3. Kuay Tiew (Noodle Soup)

Kuay Tiew or the noodle soup as a clear basic soup from Thailand cuisine and is packed with lots of flavours. The ingredients are as diverse as pork bones, radish, onions, fish sauce, rice noodles, spices, kailan, vegetables and most importantly garlic. If you are not pork eater, there are other versions of this soup available with chicken, shrimp or just vegetables.

4. Som Tam

Origin of this food is Thailand’s countryside but now mixed with different flavours and available in almost every corner of this country. This food is a mixture of many different flavours like sour, salty, spicy, sweet and savory. You can call this dish as a salad of crunchy fresh papaya with green vegetables, spices, coconut milk, egg and wheat noodles and curry. Preparation takes very less time and it is very light on stomach too in this tropical humid country.

5. Geng Kheaw Wan Gal (Green Curry Chicken)

This delicious curry with loads of flavour and taste is a classic curry of Thailand. Made with chicken, chilli pepper, coconut milk, eggplants, fish sauce, and fresh herbs, this dish is available in other flavours too and you can team this up with fresh rice or some rice noodles.The paste of this curry is made with green peppers and basil.

6. Massaman Curry

This country style mutton curry is a delight for mutton lovers. This is not actually Thai origin dish, but it was made inspired by the Muslims in 19th century.this softer and delicious curry is quite spicier than other colorful thigh curries and generally served with flat breads (paratha, roti) etc.

The cuisine of Thailand is very versatile and loaded with quite of flavours. Some of them are lava spicy and some are with tickly tangy taste. Sweet and soury flavour mixed with chili and usage of fresh herbs add superb aroma in these foods. You have to taste these local foods and they may make you stay longer in Thailand.

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