Chicken: A delight for Every Non-Vegetarian


Food is the area that touches every life. For some, food is just something to eat so as to live. But for others, food is a whole universe. They have a deep rooted love for food items and dishes. There are specific cuisines, delicacies and snacks that keep lives happening and exciting. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian; food has many options available for you. Nomatter how distinct your choices maybe, you would find that perfect bowl of happiness for you!

Talking specifically about non-vegetarian food, there are different options out there. If you think about chicken, chicken dishes has so much richness for you. There are different kinds of chicken food options that can make your routine fizzy and absolutely tangy. You can have a quick look at some of the popular chicken items below.

Chilli chicken

Talking about this chicken, it is an extremely popular Indo-Chinese dish of chicken. This dish might include a variety of dry chicken arrangements. Though usually boneless chicken is used in this scrumptious dish, some people even prefer to use boned chicken. As the name suggests, you can find a good amount of chilli in this dish. You can savour it at home, restaurants and even parties. This dish is really popular among people of all age groups.

Butter chicken

Butter chicken is a dish that is always finger licking. The iconic and elegant Indian eatable is also popular as chicken makkhani. It tastes unquestionably phenomenal with mainly naans and kaalidaal. As the name denotes, the dish has some of butter mixed into gravy ingredients. It is rarely possible that a person who eats non-vegetarian food has missed this dish. You can find the eatable winning the hearts and pallets both everywhere. You can serve hot and scrumptious butter chicken along with naans to your guests. It would be really worth catering.

Chicken Curry

It is something that is the base of chicken dishes. The curry is one of the most scrumptious and happening item. There are different types of chicken curries and they encompass cream or yogurt; but there are also kinds that form a congealing taste by crushing fried onions into a dense paste. Whatever is the case, this dish has a spark in it and it envelops everyone in its magic.

Chicken Hyderabadi

This Hyderabadi chicken is a juicy & tasty dish from state of Andra Pradesh. The Hyderabadi chicken curry is one of the most phenomenal curries in India. The chicken dum biryani is also a signature dish of Hyderabad. The speciality of this dish is that the spices used in this dish are so smoothly steeped that they end up with a gorgeous aura and tang. Once you have eaten this dish, you can feel its hangover for hours and even the rest of your day.

So, there is no doubt that the non-vegetarian people have win-win situation in the company of different types of chicken dishes. These chicken items are the best dish you would eat. Try these diverse chicken treats and you would definitely love them.

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