Chocolates, teddy, candle light dinners are not every girls favorite!


Chocolates, teddy, candle light dinners are generally considered as synonyms for the girls. Well, there are different version too...

Not every girl is made up of chocolates and roses, some are more into adventure activities. So, here I bring some of the tried and tested adventure sports which I am sure escapades will love experiencing it. Here comes the list:-

Bir Paragliding - If in your childhood you wrote "Want to reborn as a bird", so this is the best way to make your dream come true. Tied with a parachute and air pressure balancing you, enjoying the aerial view just like a free bird.

Caution - Follow the instructions of your pilot.

Kufri Zip Lining - Wooo hooo!! Zip Zap Zoom..... Your hands hooked with cuffs and locked with a metal zip bolted well at both the ends. Enjoy the linear movement with hands hooked and free flowing body. Believe you me, you will love this experience.

Caution - Go to some good places, with full safety and security.

Rishikesh Cliff Jumping - People consider this as a very easy activity, but if you ask me I found it little terrifying. You are pushed into the water from the rock above 30 feet from the sea level. A second of blackout when I fell inside the water, that was little horrifying and then back to normal. All in all, I enjoyed performing this activity.

Caution - Check the safety

So, it is little different from paragliding. With your live jackets on and water boats tied with parachute and you enjoying the fun and here no pilot is there with you, unlike paragliding. Double dip.

Caution - Go to only registered places.

Manali River Rafting - So, if you love water just like me it's an assurance you will enjoy every bit of this activity. With your life jacket on, your anchor and guide instructing you with the waves. Go and enjoy the water waves.

Caution - Go to only registered places.

Request all the adventure freaks to go and experience all these, until the time I will add some more to my list and share with you guys.

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