CITCO Chandigarh Bus Tour

11th Nov 2018
Photo of CITCO Chandigarh Bus Tour by Neha Kumari

According to the pre-planned program, today's day was scheduled for excursion to Chandigarh. We had time from 9 am to 4 pm in order to roam around here. After doing a lot of research in Google, we have to walk through the Chandigarh Government There was an idea of ​​taking half-day hop on hop off trip. It was worth fifty rupees per person and it was almost going to all the sightseeing of the city. It was thought that after going to Bangalore, once you talk to the phone and ask if the tickets are reserved, but the answer came from there. "Ten minutes before arrival, the ticket will be available at the same time." That's why we reached luggage with luggage in Icebati located on Sector-seventeen and kept our luggage in the clock room located here. After this there was a few inquiries, this tour is not conductor from here, the hotel is from Shiwalik. Now whether there was any untoward condition then it was there to go there. When we reached here, the driver is absent and we can drive Seeing the camp of the tree, they sat in wait. But seeing a traveler not for a long time, something strange happened in the mind. After a while a Sardar came, he began to speak, now, let's drive for two people, there is no cleaning of the car too. Then we said, 'Come now from such a distance. How do you turn around and walk away from the taxis.Then we said that Why did not I have to do the tour conducts, why have I kept the information in the internet, so Yen Ken was ready to walk. Everyday gardens, and some museums and rock c Rdn included was a different experience of this journey, large double-decker bus and passenger just we two.

               Counting your problems, Sardar ji told the Rose Garden, situated one and a half kilometers from here, or reached the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, spread over thirty acres of land. There are many hundred hundred species of roses found here. Though there is a yellow rise in the mountains I was confused due to that the rose would have been feeding in the month of May, but there was not even a single rosary seen here. Trees covered with gonbalia, who did it. I do not have the word to say about the maintenance and cleanliness of the high quality here. Here, the campus of trees planted with curry kept the passers-by to the ashala in their anchalas. Well, we did not stop here for a long time, because we had imagined seeing the wonderful shade of roses we had already wiped out due to the hot climate, and the heat was being bribed differently. Apart from this, we also had the fear of being able to leave the car without leaving us in the middle yacht. If you get out of here fast and you see it standing by giving your double and you know life. After this, the next floor was the government museum and gallery located in the sector.

                       The structure of this square building was also prepared by Carburgeier. The following part of this building is situated at an altitude of 1,65 * 165 kms -

1-Government Museum and Art Gallery- Here are samples of various types of sculpture crafts, handicrafts and artifacts of Gandhar art and legendary India. Here the number of collections is more than ten thousand.

Some new species of 2-Natural History Museum-Dinosaurs were also found in India. Here, model information about different species of dinosaurs, about their breeding, eggs and fossils has been provided. Here mainly it is shown how many types of dinosaurs were found in India and what kind of food they used to eat. Such a grand museum had been seen in Washington, due to this not so much joy, but it was not even less than any conjecture.

3-National Gallery of Portrait- Here is a compilation of pictures of many great figures of India.

                    This museum complex is open from 10 a.m. to 4:30 in the evening other than Monday and there is a ticket of ten rupees per person. Apart from this, there is no charge for children and old citizens of twelve years. After the visit here we had to leave for Rock Garden. View of Museum Complex and Rose Garden -