Classic and Urban Macao

21st Oct 2019
Day 1



1. Macao is a Beautiful place that gives you a lot to explore and experience.
2. Macao is a World Heritage site declared by
3. Macao has lots to offer in terms of Modern Infrastructure and Cultural heritage.
4. Macao have lots of Temples and ancient site which is historical.
5. In Macao there are variety of street food and elegant restaurants that is popular and mouth watering.
6. It's famous for its day tour and even night life is amazing.
7. One of the attraction is Macao Tower, where from the top the tower it's a breathtaking 360° view.
8. In Macao there are amazing constructed Skyscrapers.
9. In Macao along with their local food one can also try different kind of cuisine from all over the world.
10. All the places to stay offers full amenities inside and outside the property.
11. It's architectur and made of all monuments are superb.
12. It's also popular for adventure junkies one of the many activities is Bunjee jumpy.
13. The traffic system government offices/centres is arranged and convenient.
14. It's a place you can visit not just with friends but family.
15. Macao have lot of places for solo travellers to try.
16. Macao is also called Aisa's Vegas which has numerous casinos, where you can try your luck.
17. All attraction are easy access from the downtown n central location.
18. Macao is also known for its fashion and latest trend.
19. In Macao you have many options to shop for all occasions for your friends and family.
20. Macao also have pretty old and classic villages. Where you can experience the way way people live and make their livelihood.

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