Cloud Services Reduce Infrastructure Costs


There was a time in the business world that a single corporation needs to rent an entire building to house different departments for their operation. Each department's computers are interconnected by either Local Area Networking or a Wide Area Networking system via fiber optic cables. Those are the times when the internet connectivity around the world is not that well established yet so it can't be that dependable yet.

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But with the improvements in internet connectivity, cloud computing has emerged. So you might be asking "what is cloud computing?" It is a form of computing wherein all applications, resources and information that are managed resides in a virtual environment. The term specifically used the word cloud to represent the nature and the structure of the system. Cloud computing involves hosted environments in the virtual world that allow the users to avail of different services that are being hosted by other companies over the internet. All the corporation needs to do to avail of a cloud computing system is to avail of a Leased Line that will provide steady interconnectivity to all the departments wherever part of the world their departments are situated. Data that are uploaded to the cloud is there permanently. If one uploads a picture from Denver, the picture is then saved in the cloud for long periods of time. If ever you come to China and need that certain picture to be downloaded to your computer, all you have to do is to open your cloud account and retrieve it from the cloud.

The best example of cloud computing is Google Apps. Here, companies no longer need to install word processing software and in-house email servers as well as to hire multiple IT personnel, among others. Google Apps allows companies to avail of all services including website hosting, email, document editing, calendar, and much more directly through a web browser. The use of Google Apps increase security, productivity, data backup capability, and lowers IT cost as well. Microsoft conquers the cloud computing realm by integrating their current software like Word and Outlook with online storages for easy accessibility.

Plenty of hosting companies and many internet retailers are beginning to offer cloud hosting services. There are various internet hosting companies that began to offer cloud hosting for clientele who wish to own a personal cloud application in an environment that can be controlled by them. Amazon is also offering cloud hosting features because of its large infrastructure and internet bandwidth and frequencies. The majority of cloud hosting companies provides easy setup and creation of cloud hosting accounts with a very simple user interface. Some charge per usage while others charge a flat rate pricing. Users can only pay according to the amount of processing, storage and bandwidth they use. This type of pricing method benefits the cloud hosting companies and the cloud clientele.

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