A Scorpio To Party


Well, this was my second experience with Zoomcar. Their service always keeps me coming back for every trip. So, my drive to Goa was a memorable one with the muscular and macho machine, Mahindra Scorpio s4. The all new edition has quite impressive uplifts and it is an ideal car for the highway. While most of our drives were in the night, the Scorpio served us well in cutting through the truck traffic. It was 1 am and I was desperate to open up the throttle. I assumed that the car was not impressive at speeds above 100 kmph, until I realised later that the air pressure in the tyres was low. Once I had the air pressure taken care of, the car was a monster in cutting edges and zipping through, the Scorpio did its job like a loyal partner.

What Mahindra offered?

The Scorpio is all about charm on the outside. With dual projector lamps, LED brows and bonnet scoop it gets the perfect SUV look. The performance of this car is great, it grips the corners very well. Talking about the driver’s comfort, this car makes you feel safe at any speed as its steering is agile and nimble.  For those who understand the technicality bit, this car is based on an all new platform with stiffer frames and new chassis that offers comfort to both, the driver and passenger.

Road to Goa

Every long drive is an experience to be lived, irrespective of the road condition. The journey was through a combination of four lanes, steep curves and narrow or rutted roads. For every car enthusiast, the journey is the destination and a drive to a beautiful place like Goa gives a wide frame to enjoy the drive.

Places we Visited

On reaching Goa after a good 13-hour drive we were invited by Canaguinim beach, followed by a visit to Cambo de Rama fort. We visited Bambolim beach the next morning, I still can’t get the sight out of my head given the sparse population and pleasant weather at the beach. We continued exploring Goa with a visit to Old Goa Archaeological Museum, Aguada fort and Anjuna beach. After spending the later part of that night at Baga beach, we were ready to leave Goa.

Tips While On a Long Drive

  • Check Tyre pressure and ensure the stepney is in good shape
  • Secure all items in the car to ensure nothing rolls around
  • Relax, take it easy and enjoy the scenery en route
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