Come, Hate Your Life: This District In Himachal Pradesh Has The Cleanest Air In India


We often act like all we need to survive is food, some good beer and maybe a few desserts, but do you know what we really need? Air.

More than 80 percent of the Earth's urban residents are breathing unhealthy air. They're living in cities with lots of cars, trucks and fossil fuel-burning power plants. Be it Peshawar in Pakistan, Beijing in China, or Delhi in India.

However, a recent study by the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi (IIT-D) revealed that the Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh has the cleanest air in the country, whereas Delhi is the most polluted.

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i dont agree with kinnaur ... it means u neva been to interiors of uttaranchal ... get a break i,ll take you the place where seriously you can smell fragrance of green trees in air... travel,love,peace and music for humanity
Tue 09 05 17, 21:23 · Reply · Report
I think I will behave drunkenly in THAT air after Delhi
Tue 06 28 16, 06:46 · Reply · Report
Now, if tourism grows there it won't be the cleanest anymore.
Tue 06 28 16, 05:58 · Reply · Report
Pristine Kinnore, tk 4 information
Tue 06 28 16, 01:31 · Reply · Report
The pictures are mind blowing .
Mon 06 27 16, 23:35 · Reply · Report
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