Conquered, not just the fort, but our egos! | Monu Goyal


Earlier when I heard the words "Once in a lifetime kind of a thing", I could not really relate to it much. But then one fine day it hit me, that once in a lifetime kind of a thing, ya it happened! I am not talking about a love or a success story. It was not anything of that sort, it was a trip, with a bunch of people who I used to call my friends, but now we are all more than that, we are partners, partners of a conquest. By conquest, I don't mean a war, but a conquest of our own little egos and everything that we were scared of! Too deep? Well it was too! It was, I quote, "A trek of a lifetime".We started off like we do in any normal trip, packed our bags, reached the place. Then it started! Playing football is a pretty normal thing to do while on a trip, but football in the middle of the forest, quite something eh? Then of course swimming in the lake in the middle of nowhere and playing catch inside water whose current was good enough to drown the most experienced swimmers, that was a something and then Kayaking for the very first time, opposite the current of the water! And then was the time to dance, in the most happening "bollywood masala item" songs with full bass on and making all our boys dance in a sync, priceless! As if lake swimming was not enough, we had a whole pool to ourselves! Doesn't sound much interesting? Well, it was just any other swimming pool, the only difference? A landscape view of the enormous mountains and a lake and a campsite right next to it!Then came the night, our dinner? Hot grilled Barbeque chicken and paneer! But the night did not end just there. A whole new adventure was waiting for us! Night forest walk, yes you heard me right! As soon as the clock hit 12, we set out for a walk silently crossing the village with lamps. Crossing bridges and walking till we reached the starting point of a dense silent forest, so as we thought it was, little did we know what lay ahead! There was a river with a rapid current nearby, we had to go there at least for a minute to feel the beauty, it would have been rude not to! We just stood there in the river glancing at the wide dense forest glowing in the moonless night in its own natural pride waiting for us! It was time now to enter this natural palace. We had a guide with us who showed us the beautiful flora and fauna that were inside! We reached an empty ground in the middle somewhere and we decided to take a hault. But suddenly we heard some noise like footsteps, we got scared, but it was not what we thought, it was the sound of the dry leaves falling from the trees! We then saw fireflies lighting up a tree so beautifully, no chandelier could beat it! Then suddenly I felt something moving past my feet, yes u guessed it, it was a snake! Not just any snake, a bandit snake whose venom was powerful enough to kill human beings! Luckily nothing happened, it was as scared as we were so seemed like we were on agreement. Nature has its own way of warning us that we are on someone else's territory! It was already 3 a.m. and we had to leave at 5.30 a.m. for a non-stop 23 km trek. All of us had mostly given up on the idea that we would be able to make it all the way to level 3. Our organizer and one of the most adventurous and craziest guy I have ever met, told us that we were all amateurs and not strong enough so it was okay. Well after hearing those words, it didn't feel okay though. With less than one hour of sleep and having an exhausted first day, we set foot on the first step of the trek! Slowly and steadily, falling down and crawling all the way, we did make it! Not just to level 1 or 2, but all the way to the top. It was an ego trip, but that feeling of conquering that mountain was like no other, and did I mention how fabulous and absolutely breathtaking the view was? We were in no senses but it was not tiredness that we were feeling, it was something else, it was a feeling of accomplishment! A feeling like no other and yes, a feeling that would last a lifetime! And it wasn't just the trek, but the friends who made it all the more worthwhile!

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