Could Resorts in Goa with Private Beach Really Render a Classy Private Experience?

Photo of Could Resorts in Goa with Private Beach Really Render a Classy Private Experience? 1/1 by Chirag Sharma

When our family enthusiastically voted that we visit one of those resorts in Goa with private beach for our summer break and maybe even avail of one of their supposedly Goa Beach resort Packages, I was somewhat sceptical, to be honest! For one, I thought it would be mind blowingly expensive and, two, a previous holiday in Goa years ago had left me with memories of over-crowded Goa, so I wondered now with a greater number of visitors flocking there, a private beach could really render us an exclusive experience? Since the majority were in favour, I cautiously gave in! 

Arriving one sunny morning at one of these resorts in Goa with private beach, we discovered that this amazingly luxurious resort being situated just 250 metres from Candolim Beach, and in proximity to other hip and happening beaches like Calangute, Baga and Anjuna beach, we could just lie on the silver sands and sunbathe or indulge in enjoyable water-based activities!

Designed to evoke the poetry, history and romance of 15th century Portugal in its sumptuously stunning decor, with medieval oil paintings, artefacts, tile work, heraldry and stained glass set amidst a lush green environment and calm water bodies, it captivated us!

Next time, we would avail either their succinct 2-nights-or-more Summer Package with whopping 25% off on food and beverages, 2-way airport transfers and complimentary wi-fi 24x7, also applicable for Pay-For-Room-Only offer with complimentary lavish breakfast and 10% discount on best available rate, in such Goa beach resort packages in resplendent resorts in Goa with private beach.

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