Country Inn Kosi, Brajgram Village Theme.Opening 4th Feb 2016


Ignite #Love! Only At #Brajgram!

Our simian friends of #Braj (particularly Vrindavan) have a strange and unique obsession. They lift peoples glasses and spectacles and crush them up instantaneously. The monkeys don’t mean to hurt or harm anyone otherwise. Their single focus are your spectacles. Period! In no other place are monkeys known to show such behavior.

We the people of #Braj have an explanation to this strange phenomenon. According to us, in #Braj its more import that the ‘The Lord’ see you and that too unhindered.

The monkeys, according to us, play the divine role of taking off this visual hindrance for ‘The Lord” himself!

It is a reminder of sorts to all of us that we see more of Krishna when we close our eyes!

These intelligent messengers of The Lord also do many acts and pranks to entertain you. At #Brajgram, ignite true love within you!

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