Cruising In SPAIN!!!

Photo of Cruising In SPAIN!!! 1/1 by Sassy Shif Says

Floating with the clouds on @costacruisesofficial #CostaFascinosa ♥️???? I have travelled the world in so many different ways by land, air and sea but nothing compares to cruising in Europe during Summers!! They say, the sea is therapeutic and saltwater cures everything, but for me personally, it is a constant reminder of all the great things it encompasses and how giving it is. I think I’ve found my most favourite way to holiday, which is cruising and waking up to new cities or countries every day!! As I’m exploring the party capital of Italy, - #Ibiza I’m already dreaming of a grand dinner on my Costa Fascinosa’s Restorante! Dinner date with this view anyone??

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