Culinary Trip around Amritsar

Photo of Culinary Trip around Amritsar by Asawari Ghatage

A fanfare of noise, colour and activity Amritsar is one of the most intoxicating destinations in India when it comes to satisfying your taste buds. Playing home to imperial palaces and chaotic bazaars, the city is a kaleidoscope for an enlightening and awe-inspiring gastronomic experience. Hire a taxi in Amritsar and drive around to the various spots that showcase sensational delicacies. If you plan a culinary tour in India, the ideal destination to start at is the ancient city of Amritsar. Visit the major sites while letting your taste buds spring to life at the various food joints en route the abode of the Golden Temple.

Amritsar is known for its sweet Jalebis, delicious kulcha, refreshing lassi, mouth-watering kebabs and much more. Witness the world’s largest community kitchen and make a pit-stop at the renowned roadside dhabas or street food stall for a hearty meal.

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Guru Ka Langar

Come what may, the food in Amritsar never disappoints. The Golden Temple is usually the number one tourist hotspot in this city, which gives visitors a chance to take part in the Guru Ka Langar. This is a famous community feast that is labouredly prepared in the temple kitchen for over 40,000 people. Every visitor is welcome irrespective of religion and caste. People are seated in rows while the temple volunteers serve the food. Experience the hospitality and humility of the people of Amritsar while dining in this community setting. Jostling for the Kada Prasad is definitely worth it since it tastes like no other.

Makki ki roti

For those looking for the stereotypical Punjabi delights, Bharawa Da Dhaba is the right place. Stuffed kulchas, Makki ki roti, Sarson da saag and chole are just some of the dishes to start off your meal with. This eatery is a pure vegetarian spot since it is located quite close to the sacred Golden Temple. Suppress the meat-lover in you to have a taste of these mouth-watering dishes.


Most visitors might know this but hooves are a huge delicacy in Amritsar. Located close to the Hathi Gate, Pal Da Dhaba is the ideal place to enjoy this dish. Run by the proprietor, who is the chef at this outlet, the famous dhaba serves a simple broth that is spiced with garam masala, lentil leaves and chilli. The pieces of hooves are added to this broth and served with finger-licking good kheema parathas.

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Chicken tikkas and tandoori chicken

Beera’s is a popular eatery that has been featured on the TV show, Highway on My Plate. When in Amritsar, it is a must to savour chicken tikka and the divine tandoori. Rent a car in Amritsar and drive to this location. You can even eat the meal in your own car, without having to step into the dhaba.

Mutton Chops

It’s time to let the meat lover in you explore the deliciousness of the tender meat. Located near Rose Garden, Adarsh Meat Shop is a well-known destination for mutton. The locals and visitors alike queue up just to make the order. However, the food is definitely worth the wait. Slow cooked and shallow fried, this succulent meat can be easily torn off the rib and is drenched in sour and spicy flavours. The mutton tikka is another dish that will leave you drooling during your time in Amritsar.

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