custom research paper writing service Helps In curing online addiction

1st Oct 2017

A good servant and bad master - this is probably the best way to describe Smartphone. It allows people to stay in touch with their friends and family and to search for any kind of information at any moment. However, it is very easy to become addictive to it so individuals can start using this device in a compulsive way, which can have serious negative consequences on their lives.

Custom Paper Writing Sighs of addiction

The majority of people would say that they are not addicted and thus, that they don’t need help. However, in order to provide more objective information on this topic, one can fill in the following questionnaire.

Are you addicted to your Smartphone?

- Do you spend most of your free time of your Smartphone?

- Do you sometimes late to an appointment because you were chatting or scrolling and didn’t notice the time passing?

- Did it ever happen that you choose to stay home and surf the internet or chat instead of going out with your friends?

- Would it be a problem for you to stay offline for one whole day?

- Do you feel anxious when your battery runs out or you forget your Smartphone at home?


If the majority of answers were positive, it is very likely that one has issues with online addiction. The first step in resolving any kind of problem is to recognize it first, so one should be honest with himself, admit that he has a problem, and start working in order to overcome it. And even if you convince yourself that “I use it for studying” or “I need it to write my research paper” etc. don' t be blind – these excuses ruin your life.

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