Cycle Ride Panvel (Navi Mumbai) to Goa Day 1

5th Jun 2017

Goa Ride Day 1

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A riding experience on the coastal route of Western Ghats is a perfect choice if you are looking for a long getaway tour. This epic journey on the most spectacular coastal route has many surprises and challenges on its way. Untouched beaches of Guhagar, splashing ferry rides at Jaygad, mouth-watering fish food and formidable forts on the coastline. And while you are busy enjoying that never-ending list of adventures.

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Panvel (Navi Mumbai) Goa Coastal Ride


Day 1
Panvel to Revdanda (80kms) 5th June

Starting Point :Panvel
Starting Time : 6:30am
Breakfast point : Vadkhal
Lunch Point : Alibag
Destination : Revdanda
Places to visit : Revdanda Beach, RevdandaWhale Fort, whale skeleton visit

Day 2
Revdanda to Ranavali (78kms) 6th June

Starting Point : Revdanda
Starting Time : 6:30am
Breakfast point : Kashid
Lunch Point : Murud
Destination : Ranavli Tal. Dist. Raigad
Places to visit : Korlai fort, Kashid beach, Diveagaghar Temple

Day 3
Ranavali to Dapoli (81kms) 7th June

Starting Point : Ranavali
Starting Time : 6:30am
Lunch Point : Anjarle
Destination : Dapoli
Places to visit : Harihasreshwar Temple, Kelshi sand dunes, Fattehgad Fort

Day 4
Dapoli to Ganpatipule (100kms) 8th June

Starting Point : Dapoli
Starting Time : 6:30am
Lunch Point : Narvan
Destination : Ganpatipule
Places to visit : Chandika Temple , Hedavi, Bamanghal, Jaigad Fort

Day 5
Ganpatipule to Ambolgad (80kms) 9th June

Starting Point : Ganpatipule
Starting Time : 6:30am
Lunch Point : Kasheli
Destination : Ambolgad
Places to visit : Maldung, Ganpatipule, Purngad Fort

Day 6
Ambolgad to Devgad (52kms) 10th June

Starting Point : Ambolgad
Starting Time : 6:30am
Lunch Point : Devgad
Destination : Devgad
Places to visit : Devgad Fort

Day 7
Devgad to Malavan (58kms) 11th June

Starting Point : Devgad
Starting Time : 6:30am
Lunch Point : Achara Titha
Destination : Malvan
Places to visit : Kunkeshwar Temple, Malvan

Day 8
Malavan to Shiroda (61kms) 12th June

Starting Point : Malvan
Starting Time : 6:30am
Lunch Point : Vengurla
Destination : Shiroda
Places to visit : Vengurla Duch Factory

Day 9
Shiroda to Panjim (50kms) 13th June

Starting Point : Shiroda
Starting Time : 6:30am
Breakfast point : Terekhol
Lunch Point : Panjim
Destination : Panjim
Places to visit : Terekhol Fort, Reddi Fort

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Adventure Begins !


5 June 2017

Panvel to Revdanda

The day ISRO propelled its heaviest and most powerful engine into orbit, we propelled ourselves in a pretty good manner and reached our first destination REVDANDA at 5:50 pm.

We started at around 7 am from Panvel after saying goodbye to a huge crowd of friends, cyclists. I could see mix set of emotions on their faces, few were worried about their child few were excited and others were proud. The headwind was pretty strong once we came out of cityscapes. The first small target was to reach Vadkhal for breakfast. But even that has few ups and down which might disturb an amateur cyclist. But we did very well. People were curious as they always are. The slogans written on our cycles are doing their job very well, I am glad we are able to make people realize that they owe something to nature. After breakfast, the road was comparatively less crowded and so that the leader in me was relaxed and traveler side finally got some room.

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Happiness !

Few miles after Vadkhal, a local cyclist came along and started talking. He was very interested to know about our cause and cycles.Once he was done asking questions to me, I took my chance to ask him few that I had. He said that he uses cycle every day to work. His 15-year-old HERO cycle which is a lifeline for many in villages. I asked him whether he knows about world environmental day. He said he knows nothing like that. And he probably celebrates it every day. His lifestyle does not really harm environment like ours do.World environmental day this year has a very simple line on their website, ' I am with nature.' people like Ram are with nature every day. They probably balance the destruction we cause with their simple life.

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After climbing some more steep climbs in Karle khind (कारले खिंड), we reached Alibag where we had lunch. Revdanda was not that far then but, the roads were really bad and bone breaking.

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Rest time !
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World Environmental Day Celebration !

We finally reached our destination safely and that's how this year's World Environment day was spent well, where we were with nature.

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