Cycling and Food Tour in Mumbai, India

15th Aug 2016

Cycling in the colours of freedom...

Photo of Cycling and Food Tour in Mumbai, India 1/1 by Aditi Shukla
Tri-coloured girl power!

Independence Day Cycle Tour

What happens when the 3C’s come together on a National holiday? You witness chitter-chatter, adventure and excitement over chai, conversations and cycling in the otherwise busy lives of people. The streets of Mumbai were ablaze with cycles and cycling enthusiasts alike, to add to the buzz around India’s 70th Independence Day, on 15th August, 2016. Cycling is not just a sport, but a means of bonding over gatherings, events and tours; a place where like-minded enthusiasts meet and an activity that is rather social in nature. Keeping this in mind, this Independence Day saw an initiative to promote eco-friendly means of commuting.

Raiding the streets of Mumbai

Photo of Everest Cycle Co., Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by Aditi Shukla

The ride

Cycling enthusiasts who swore to ride around the city using greener and cleaner modes of transport, gathered around Seawoods to ride around Palm Beach Road, heading to NMMC Ho to take part in the flag hoisting of this glorious Independence Day. It began with food! After breakfast and tea, women cyclists cut a cake, and were set to begin.

Photo of Cycling and Food Tour in Mumbai, India by Aditi Shukla

The streets were flooded with smoke-less rides as over 145 cyclists swept past the streets with their zeal for a cleaner and greener city. The cycling event in Mumbai saw young riders as well, some tied up to their folks, and the older ones riding independently. What an inspiration they can be!

A young enthusiast in a ride for a green city

Photo of Cycling and Food Tour in Mumbai, India by Aditi Shukla

Advantages of cycling events

They promote alternate modes of transport

They showcase new ideas in an independent India

Women, men, mothers, children, and everyone else rides together

People from different communities get together with a common motto

It is an attempt to make India, at large, a cycling-friendly city

They emphasize the importance of health and exercise

They create awareness of eco-friendly travel options

Photo of Cycling and Food Tour in Mumbai, India by Aditi Shukla

Cycling and food

Photo of Cycling and Food Tour in Mumbai, India by Aditi Shukla

Water: It is important to stay hydrated. As a norm, always drink water before, during and after cycling. Water flushes toxins out of your body and prevents a bout of exhaustion and cramps.

Energy: Focus on energy. Grab an energy bar and consume carbohydrates that break down to the simplest forms of energy to supply fuel to the body. They are stored as glycogen. Foods with a high glycemic index break down rather quickly and serve as good options for snacking just before or in between rides.

Calories: Keep a check on your calorific intake. Do not over-do your calories, in an attempt to stay active. Calculate the distance you need to travel ahead of time, and focus on your meal pattern from the previous day itself.

Build up: Make sure you incorporate high protein foods for muscle building. The content of calcium in your diet ought to be sufficient too, to ensure strong bones and optimal health in the long run.

Consultation: Always consult a physician before medication and take up regular health check-ups.

Develop habits: All these practices are ideally not confined to a day, and take time to build and maintain. These are handy pointers that might work for some of you.

Photo of Cycling and Food Tour in Mumbai, India by Aditi Shukla

Create drives like these to help your country grow and prosper. Shouting slogans, or merely claiming that you are patriotic does not help! Do it, be a part of the movement, and spread the patriotism through your deeds, wherever you go...

Stay independent in your thoughts, actions, deeds!

Happy Independence Day!

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