Day 1 ( Sep-11)


Even after completing the 45 winter of her life , my mother has much more calibre to do the work as comparision to any girls I have seen so far in my life. She asked me If I would like to have anything before I could leave home. I did not want her to do any work too early in the morning but at the same time I knew the heart of a mother who always wanted to feed something to their beloved children before they go out. Thus I agreed to have a glass of milk.

My father helped me to tighten my rucksack bag on my bike. I asked him If it would fall on my way ;will I be able to reach Rajasthan?. Quick reply came; I have fastened this bag so hard that you could reach to the moon , Rajasthan is too near my son. Showing blind faith on my father I started my bike and said good bye to my mother ( I did not have courage to look into her eyes, I knew they are wet and has the potential to stop me). Within a 15 minutes of my journey I lost my extra elastic rope, somewhere on the DND and stopped my bike more than 3 times to settle my bag. Finally after being fed up with this stupidity I Tied it up on my Left leg stand which worked wonderfully.

Before I could cross the gurgaon DND I met with an unfortunate luck. The leg gurad of Rambo( My Bike) was loosing up and finally I realized that it has lost its holder and screw which means more trouble. I started to get irritate and thought to cancel my trip for a second but my mind told me not to do so. If I have started something then it must be completed. Somehow I managed to tie it up with my handkerchif. On my way to Rajasthan I kept looking for Bike repair shop to get it fixed and it was the time when I met with a guy who Later I found ;was from Canada.

He approached me and said something . His accent was so different that I could hardly understand him and started to doubt my skills. Its's been more than three years now talking to all sorts of Americans and Brits and I never found myself so confused before. Finally when he realized that I am not able to understand him. He continued the conversation in Hindi and when he spoke, his voice sounded different ( Farzi accent mai chamkane ki kosis kar raha tha). His name was Akash and was a Truck driver in Canada, he came India to meet his family for 2 weeks and was out to look something different.

Then I carry forwarded our conversation in englisg .During our small conversation he told me that he is actually looking at the beauty of the mountains. Which unbeknownst to him was just only the stones near the gurgaon area. I started to wonder if he has ever seen any mountain before. We decided to travel together and made a plan in which I will be leading our way. He told me that he wanted to see all the forts on our way. Which means If I will decide to go woth him I will ruin muy plan.

While riding my bike I was contantly thinking about him and praying to the god to separte me. Somehow after some time he was nowhere to seen ; I sighed and thanks to the god. It was 10 am and I was running too late from my scheduled plan. Finally I was privilieged to find a royal enfiled showroom to get my leg guard fixed. When the Mechanic was fixing my bike I realized that I have lost my Sleeping Bag somewhere on the road. Now a current of anger ran through my spine, I asked the questiion to him (God) , This is my first day and I dont understand why this Bullshit happening with me. Do you want me to abandon this trip? If yes; then let me tell you I will not.

In the afternoon around 1pm on my way to Bhangarh. I met with a man who asked me to give him a lift.He gave me some information about the place ; which has very limited transporation and the Bhangarh Fort. The man who was siiting behind me told me that the fort will be around 50-60 Km from his place and google map was telling me something different. Google Map could not give me the worng information and a man who is in need , could do anything to reach his place.Especially at this place where Public Trasport is very hard to see.I started to suspect him but there was something different in his eyes and face which made me to trust him. The level of innocence of his eyes could only be touch by the Babies who have no desire from this world.Thus I took the help of google map again and found that this man had no idea about the location.

Finally I managed to reach Bhangarh, the fort was located inside the village near the mountains. When I was parking my bike, an old lady sitting in a small wooden hut said something to me in Rajasthani language and later started to call me using her hand. I could not understand what exactly she was looking for.Therefore, I moved ahead. There was a Hanuman Temple at the front gate of the fort, to be honest with you people. It could be the most haunted place in India but at the day time I spot lovers kissing easch other at the extreme upper right corner inside the shiva temple. There was nothing haunting about the place at first but later I started to feel something different in the air when I sat alone , far away from the crowd. To feel it better I closed my eyes; not to say within a few minutes i started to hate the place. I could feel negative vibes everywhere.

Thus I decided to leave the place. I asked the old lady whe she was calling me and found that she was jsut asking to put my bag inside that hut so that I can see the fort freely. Jaipur, Hawa Mahal is one of the tourist place there. When I reached there , Main Roads were blocked , due to curfew. One of the police officer gave me the correct information. It was the riot between Hindu and Muslim again. After asking my way to Ajmer from jaipur from officer I left the place.

Ajmer was quite a good place and it should be since it is one of the smart city of India.Sometimes I wonder how would India look like if all the cities of it will become smart. It was around 7 pm and I decided to sleep there at Dargah but later abandoned the place because lot of people were there for the same reason. Sky seemed unfair to me and within few minutes I felt the water droplets on my helmet. Even though it was not fast but was enough to make anyone to worry;especially a man on motorcycle. On My way I got a call From Rosa ( Changed name) who asked me about my whereabout. She had no idea that I will leave Delhi without telling her even though I had given her the rough idea about my trip.Her mood got changed and I could feel it ; being a gentleman I aksed if she is feeling bad.she admitted and said " a little bit" ( thoda sa). I knew she is crying and only god knows why tears came into her eyes. Even though she has a BF and I dont understand why she likes me and what kind of attachments she have with me.

Rosa asked where would I be sleeping today, God I had no idea and told the same thing to her . I wanted to save money for my trip but at the same time need to take care of myself. We closed our conversation since I had to find at place to sleep. While riding she texted and asked if I have got any place to sleep and suggested me to take hotel (which I never wanted to do , in order to save money) and finally a call.

Day 1

When I was having my dinner I saw several bunks(Charpai) lying under the shed and very few people were working there. A hope lit again into my heart therefore, without wasting my time I asked the owner if I could sleep there for a night and I would pay whatever he want me to.He looked like a retired Major from army,from his mustache and from his voice. Showing his generosity he gave me a bunk( charpai) and shed.Lastly I slept under the open sky , far away from my home. Alone, having a thoughts of my family and a lady whom I don't understand.

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