Day Trip to Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

10th Jan 2018

Hey friends, check out our latest video on one of our favoritestttttt places in Thailand -Khao Sok National Park... Undoubtedly, one of Thailand greatest kept secrets, this hidden paradise will have you spellbound with its raw serene beauty... Khao Sok is unlike what we had experienced anything in our previous trips to this country and is easily one of our most memorable day trip... All we can say is, the majestic Karst formations, the stunning flora, the irresistible tranquility and the incredible beauty of nature are all amalgamated to form this one mystical place!

Don't believe us, watch the video and you'll know what we are talking about ;)

Crazily, in spite of visiting Thailand twice before, we had never heard about Khao Sok (wonder why?) until one day while researching about lesser known destinations of Thailand, we came across an article and learned about it... That was it! We knew we had found the perfect place to celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary and Nupur's birthday. So, on 10th January' 2018, while we were holidaying in South of Thailand, we booked a cab, literally drove about 250 kms and hired a long tailed boat all for ourselves to view one the oldest and last remaining rain forests of Thailand... Those five hours on the boat, passing through the dense forests and breathtaking landscapes, witnessing the beauty of nature at its best was certainly an Experience of a lifetime!!

We loved this day trip and totally recommend it as the must see things in South Thailand.