Delhi-Rishikesh-Shimla-Manali a road trip..

2nd Jun 2014
Day 1

On this first day of our trip we all landed in New Delhi & our car was waiting for us to take us at our first base which was Rishikesh. On our way to Rishikesh we also visited Haridwar where we offered some prayers for our journey & relaxed a bit by dipping our feet in Holy Ganges river for the first time in this trip.
Then after some time we head towards the Ganga Ghat where we witnessed soul soothing GANGA AARATI & yes it really felt like for that short moment we were connected to God. Same night we checked into our hotel at Rishikesh late in night.

Day 2

On the second day we decided to go camping and white water rafting & we booked ouselfs for camping first & then rafting. On this day we head towards our camping area which can be reached only by a 2km down trek somewhere near the flow of Ganges river into the woods, so we reach near our extraction point & from there we started trekking & in 1-2 hours we reached our camping spot. There we told to enjoy stay till afternoon since there was a short trek organised by the camping guide to a hidden waterfall near the camping ground. After the lunch some of us decided to have a afternoon nap & some curious people choose to trek to that hidden waterfall & yes i was one of those curious creatures so i also went for it & it was beautiful waterfall hidden in some small hills jst few kilometres from camping place. We all returned to our camping area in evening & after that jst relaxed there. That was the first time i saw a clear sky with millions of stars above me & that was really magical.

Day 3

This day after our breakfast at camping area we started to trek upwards to our extraction point where our car was waiting for us to take us at the place where we would going to start our white water river rafting. This river rafting experience was the best ever experience i had with water till that day, such thrill & icy cold water with rapids & amazing views flushes all your fear about water out from your body & you start enjoying it all, exactly this happened to all of us & when the ride was over we all were still in that imaginary state of amusement for a long time. After this we head back to our hotel rooms in Rishikesh. At night after our dinner we all decided to explore some nearby area of Rishikesh so we started to walk towards the LAKSHMAN JHULA (a hanging bridge) & after an adventurous crossing of that bridge we headed as near the ganga ghat as we can & discovered a temple or dharamshala jst besides the river bank which we have been told that gets submerged while the river water arises, it was fun sitting there & staring at the twinkling stars above us.

Day 4

On this day after having our breakfast we started heading towards Shimla a gem in himalayas as we knew it from the books, it was a long journey & we reached our hotel in Shimla late night so we  never had any chance to explore it on same day.

Day 5

On this day we started by visiting Kufri after our breakfast at hotel & after a brief visit to one of the most visited tourist attractions in Shimla our humble cab driver J. P. bhaiya took us to a secret place where there was a helipad & for our surprise nobody was there except us.. The view was wonderful & we were amazed like a child who actually got a surprise gift which he wanted for long.. After this visit we went back to our hotel to get freshenup & then we all took a stroll at the famous MALL ROAD of Shimla as it was accessible within 5 minutes walk from our hotel, after that we went back to hotel & retired for the night.

Day 6

Today after breakfast we left Shimla & started heading towards Manali our last stop of trip & we reached there around 7-8 pm so we decided to drop our luggage at hotel & before dinner we all went to exploring very famous MALL ROAD of Manali & some of us tried our hand at local liquor shops in search of LUIGIDI (as seen in YEH JAWANI HAI DIWANI 😜) but our badluck we never found it so we decided to get back at hotel.

Day 7

On this day we decided to visit the local monastery which we heard so much from the hotel owner & to visit the famous HIDIMBA DEVI TEMPLE & i have heard the temple is built around a cave where Devi Hidimba performed meditation. So i was curious & excited at the same time. We began to hike small staircase which took us straight to the temple & as we assented the trees of cheddar wood start growing thicker & thicker & finally at the end of the stairway we saw that amazing temple which was 1000's of years old but still got that magic in it which attracted travellers & locals towards it. After our brief visit to temple we head back to our hotel & decided to explore the manali markets even more. After exploring the markets & done shopping we went back to hotel.

Day 8

Today we decided to visit ROHTANG TOP the very famous high pass for both good & bad reasons & as the entry point to the route for LEH from MANALI. After our breakfast we head to one of the bike rental shops which we have spotted the day before & made the necessary paperwork before taking over the bikes for our joyride. As everything was done we started ascending towards the famous ROHTANG TOP, it took us approx 3 hours to reach the top as the roads were unknown for us & after a thrilling ride which we can call it we finally reached there, enjoyed some fresh snow clicked some best photos & decided to descent to Manali as it was going to get dark soon & we didn't wished to ride in dark. At the end of the day we crashed in our hotel beds as we all were tired by the adventures ride.

Day 9

Today our trip was over & we started to head back to delhi & from their we head back to our respective cities.