Destinations for Solo travel


Solo travel is not everyone`s cup of tea but the people who choose to drink from this cup, get addicted to this solitary experience. When you go solo, you travel like a traveler and not a tourist! You get to unwind and be the boss of making your own travel itinerary without having to follow anyone else`s directions or travel plans. Everyone who has a travel bug in them, secretly keep a “solo-travel” in their bucket list and await the opportunity and courage to check that box.

However, solo travel destinations should be picked with some research. Every travel destination of the world may not be the right one for solo traveling for a bunch of reasons like safety, boredom, loneliness, etc.

1. Goa, India: This place is not only a fun destination for group travel, but also equally fun for a solo traveler. Goa has the right blend of fun and serenity! Roaring waves and sandy beaches will give you company and you will seldom feel the need of a human company. On the other hand, Goa is the perfect place to socialize and make new traveler friends for solo travelers as well.

For more information about the best ways to spend your holidays in Goa, there are number of flight search engines that help you find cheap flights ticket online and holiday packages.

2. Hampi, India: This is the perfect destination for solo travelers around the world. This world heritage site will give you some serious history and ancient architectural lessons. Separated by a river, the two sides of this place have a relaxed and laid-back environment that solo travelers usually look for. Ample of opportunity to be the social butterfly here, you will find some interesting fellow solo-travelers here. Live in huts, sleep in hammocks and explore ancient architecture in Hampi!

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands: This is the dream destination for all solo travelers. A backpack tour to Amsterdam will have you biking around the canals and taking in its spectacular beauty. Live in hostels, roll some and smoke some legally and enjoy every moment of the privacy of your solo trip here.

4. NYC, New York: What better than gifting yourself a solo-Christmas trip to NYC! Get lost in times square and explore NYC solo! The spirit of the city is electric and you will lose yourself in the avenues and streets of this busy city. Best explored on foot, you can always hop in and out of subways to rest your feet from time to time!

5. Reykjavik, Iceland: A peaceful country in Europe, where solo travelers are not only happy but are also safe. Summer sees 21 hours of daylight in this place and is the perfect time to visit. Nature is at its best in Iceland and is a perfect destination for adventure lovers. Mountains and glaciers all around will have you pinch yourself at times to remind yourself that you are on earth and not in heaven!

So don`t be afraid to tick that box off your bucket list! Its` high time you spend some quality time with yourself and sign off from the social world for a while! Book a pre-planned tour package in advance and leave the planning to us! Holiday packages to all solo travel destinations are found easily and all you got to do is pick the place!

Go ahead and discover yourself!

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